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Travel & Conferences

Travel/Mileage Reimbursement

If you are driving your personal automobile for Chabot or CLPCCD business, you may request travel/mileage reimbursement. This reimbursement may only include mileage, bridge tolls, and parking. For travel within the district, the Travel Expense Claim form may be used. This form may be submitted on a monthly basis for local travel. Local travel does not require approval in advance. Incidental expenses associated with local travel may also be claimed on this form (parking, tolls, etc.)Travel to and from work and home is not reimbursable.

Travel Expense Claim Form (pdf)
  • Required Information:
    • Date
    • Location of Origin and Destination
    • Purpose of Travel
    • Number of Miles Traveled
    • Other Charges: Parking, Tolls
    • Budget account code string (FOAP)
    • Attach a screenshot of FGIBDST from Banner or Class-Web to show available funds
    • Area Manager and VP’s approval

Conference: Leave Request Form

Conferences must be approved in advance, using the Conference Leave: Request form. This form is used to ensure that you have proper authorization to travel on college business. Your immediate supervisor must sign the form. Foreign travel requires approval by the Board of Trustees. Travel within the district does not require completing a Conference Leave: Request form.

Conference Leave: Request Form (pdf)
  • Required Information:
    • Attach Supporting Documentation with Conference Information including Dates and Location.
      • Please note: your request will not be processed without this supporting documentation attached
    • Staff Member Names
    • Conference Title
    • Dates and Location of Conference
    • Sponsoring Group, if applicable
    • Purpose and Contribution to Chabot/CLPCCD
    • Estimated Cost of Attendance
    • Sub Information for Faculty, if applicable
    • Staff Member Signature and Date
    • If the Cost is Chargeable to a Campus Budget, Check Yes and enter the Budget account code string (FOAP)
      • Be Sure to Note the Maximum Total Reimbursement Allowed
      • Please note: if at any time the account to be charged changes, you'll need to submit a revised form with the appropriate signatures before an expense claim can be processed
    • Attach a screenshot of FGIBDST from Banner or Class-Web to show available funds
    • Area Manager and VP’s approval

Conference Leave: Expense Claim Form

Conference reimbursement is for preapproved business-related travel, e.g., symposium, workshop, meeting, conference, that may include registration fees, lodging, transportation, meals, and incidentals. An approved Conference Leave: Request form must be on file in order for Chabot Business Services staff to process your Conference Leave: Expense Claim form.

You must submit your Conference Leave: Expense Claim form within ten (10) days after completing travel. If an advance is received and actual expenses are less than the advance, the difference must be remitted upon filing the Conference Leave: Expense Claim form.

Conference Leave: Expense Claim Form (pdf)
  • Required Information:
    • W# or Social Security# of Requestor
    • Full Name and Address
    • Conference Title
    • Dates of Attendance and Location
    • For Each Date of Attendance, fill in Date, Miles Traveled, Lodging, Meals, Registration Fees, and Other Expenses, as applicable
    • Fill out the Budget account code string (FOAP) to be charged
      • The account number listed MUST match the account provided on the Approved Conference Leave: Request Form
      • If the numbers do not match, you'll need to submit a revised Conference Leave: Request form as described above
    • Attach Supporting Documents
      • Conference Information (proof of attendance)
      • Copy of Approved Conference Leave Request Form
      • All Original Receipts
    • Attach a screenshot of FGIBDST from Banner or Class-Web to show available funds
    • Area Manager and VP’s approval

Once your Request form has been processed, you will receive your reimbursement check through postal mail, at the address listed on your request form.

Cash Advances

*A Cash Advance may be requested when substantial funds are required. District Business Services will track all travel advances made to employees by recording them as a receivable, i.e. money owed to the District by the employee. District Business Services will carefully review the outstanding receivable to ensure that the receipts are turned in substantiating expenditure of the funds (or the funds are paid back to the district) in a timely manner.

Examples: Competitions; to Reserve Facilities; Meals for students during a sporting event and/or field trip; Conference registration fees & meals, or other costs associated with approved conference or meeting travel such as gas, toll, parking, etc.

Form: Complete a separate Disbursement Form for each event/request. Only one advance/event will be approved at a time and you must clear your current advance before requesting another.

Time for processing: Arrangements should be made 6 weeks in advance. Chabot Business Services requires the forms at least four (4) weeks in advance and District requires the forms two (2) weeks in advance. Estimate total time is 6 weeks.

To clear outstanding advance check: Submit original receipts with Conference Leave: Expense Claim Form to Chabot Business Services no later than 10 business days after event in which the cash advance was requested for.

  • Less spent on cash advance: If actual expenses are less than the advance, the difference must be remitted upon filing the Conference Leave: Expense Claim Form. Chabot Business Services staff will post the credit in Banner to the appropriate account.
  • Over spent on cash advance: If actual expenses are more than the advance, expenses in excess of the cash advance will be reimbursed after the area manager and vice president's approval.

*No further cash advances will be approved if you have outstanding cash advances.

Reimbursement for Actual Expenses


Travelers attending a conference should make the reservation early enough to take advantage of group rates. Travelers are expected to use lodging that is necessary and reasonable, selecting the lowest standard room rates available. An itemized hotel bill for lodging, which includes the employee's name on the hotel bill, must be submitted with the Conference Leave: Expense Claim form.


Original, itemized receipts are required for all meals. CLPCCD does not reimburse for alcoholic beverages. Meal receipts containing multiple people must contain employee names or names of other authorized personnel, along with the purpose for the meal.

In the event non-authorized personnel, e.g., family or friends, are on the same receipt, the amount being reimbursed must be adjusted to reflect reimbursements for authorized personnel only.

Air Travel

Travelers should book the lowest available airfare in coach or economy class. CLPCCD does not pay for business or first class airfare. Provide a receipt for travel to and from your destination. This will normally be an itinerary receipt for the airfare, shoeing proof of payment from a travel agency, airline, or online booking tool.

Car Rental

A receipt showing total charges paid must be submitted with the Conference Leave: Expense Claim form. When executing the rental agreement, the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) should be accepted and the premium fee paid. Personal Accident Insurance is to be declined because the District provides this coverage to all staff members traveling on official business.

Proof of Insurance is provided by CLPCCD's joint powers authority, SWACC.

Registration Fees

Proof of payment is required for registration fees. A typical invoice will include the employee's name, the cost, the dates of the event, and the location of the event. A copy of the conference agenda or program should be include with proof of payment.

Incidental Expenses

Other incidental, ordinary and necessary expenses do not require receipts. Such expenses include telephone charges, Internet charges, taxi, parking, etc. However, any expense over $25 requires an original receipt. Expenses for valet services, i.e. dry cleaning or laundry, are not allowed.

Use of Personal Auto

Mileage will be reimbursed based on the current IRS mileage rate. Print a route from an online tool, such as Google Maps™, which shows the total miles driven. Mileage other than to and from the conference destination may be included as long as it is for business purposes. Driving in lieu of flying cannot exceed the cost of airfare plus ground transportation. CLPCCD may, at its discretion, provide a vehicle in certain instances.


The immediate supervisor of the traveler must sign any form associated with travel. Employees cannot authorize/approve travel or expenses for themselves.


The District does not reimburse expenses for spouse or companion travelers.

All costs associated with the conference should be included in the Expense Claim form, even if paid from another source. Form example, if conference registration is paid with a P-Card, the conference expense must be included as an expense on the expense form and then the same amount is included as a deduction on the "Less P-Card" line of the Expense Claim form.

Original, itemized receipts must be submitted. A credit card statement is proof of payment but does not qualify as an itemized receipt.

Use the Missing Receipt Statement for any receipt that is missing. This form must be signed by your immediate supervisor, as well as the Chancellor or Vice Chancellor, Business Services. Be sure to include a reason for the missing receipt on the form.

CLPCCD Travel & Conference Information

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