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Courses in Computer Application Systems

NOTE:  CAS Labs are equipped with  Microsoft Office 2013

  • CAS 50 Introduction to Computer Concepts

  • CAS 54A Microsoft Excel I 

  • CAS 54B Microsoft Excel II

  • CAS 55 Microsoft Office Suite Integration and Adv. Topics

  • CAS 58 Microsoft Access

  • CAS 72 Series - Office Skills Lab
    Self-Paced and Online 1 Unit Computer Classes

  • CAS 82 Designing Web Pages (This course is under revision)

  • CAS 84 Designing Business Graphics - Microsoft Publisher ( Under Revision)

  • CAS 88A Microsoft Word I

  • CAS 88B Microsoft Word II

  • CAS 99P Introduction to Windows Operating System

  • CAS 100, 101 Information Contact: Allison Golde agolde@chabotcollege.edu

  • 102, 103 formation Contact:  Kathy Allen kallen@chabotcollege.edu

Do Something Smart for Yourself !

Learn new computer programs, and update your computer skills
for both your personal and professional use

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Chabot College computer lab 

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