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Office Skills Lab

Email: Mon Khat - mkhat@chabotcollege.edu

ONLINE -  1 Unit Courses:
Computer Keyboarding I CAS 72A
Computer Keyboarding II CAS 72B
Computer Keyboarding III CAS 72C
Microsoft Word CAS 72D
Microsoft Excel CAS 72E
Microsoft PowerPoint CAS 72F
Microsoft Access CAS 72G
Ten Key CAS 72J
Business English CAS 72K
Business English CAS 72L
 Windows Operating System CAS 99P


Elementary Computer Keyboarding I, CAS 72A, 1 unit

Self-paced basic introduction to the computer keyboard for developing correct keyboarding skills and familiarity with the special keys.

Elementary Computer Keyboarding II, CAS 72B, 1 unit

A continuation of CAS 72A skill-building.

Intermediate Computer Keyboarding, CAS 72C, 1 unit

Self-paced drills designed to increase speed and improve accuracy.

Introduction to Microsoft Word, CAS 72D, 1 unit

  • open, close, save, edit Word documents
  • format text
  • produce simple to complex business documents including tables

Introduction to Microsoft Excel, CAS 72E, 1 unit

  • build and format Excel spreadsheets
  • open, close, edit, and print Excel documents
  • input formulas; create Excel charts from spreadsheets

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint, CAS 72F, 1 unit

  • create PowerPoint presentations
  • use templates to create presentations
  • format slides using builds, fonts, styles, and transactions
  • run a presentation; create an organizational chart

Introduction to Microsoft Access, CAS 72G, 1 unit

  • create Access tables
  • create forms and reports
  • perform simple queries

Introduction to Ten-Key, CAS 72J, 1 unit

  • demonstrate the ability to key numeric data on the computer ten-key pad at a minimum rate of 100 strokes per minute
  • demonstrate the ability to key numeric data on the ten-key pad with 95 percent accuracy

Business English I, CAS 72K, 1 unit

  • understand parts of speech
  • spell frequently used business words
  • use correct punctuation
  • select proper word choices
  • use proper capitalization and abbreviations

Business English II, CAS 72L, 1 unit - Online

  • capitalize words and letters appropriately
  • express numbers correctly
  • spell abbreviations and contractions properly
  • use and interpret proofreaders' marks
  • write grammatically correct sentences
  • use the Internet for research

Introduction to Computing, CAS 72M, 1 unit

  • describe what an operating system does
  • identify the elements on the Windows 2000/XP/NT Desktop
  • use the mouse to point, click, double-click, drag, and display shortcut menus
  • recognize storage devices attached to the computer
  • distinguish among system, program, and document files
  • create folders and subfolders
  • identify the Accessories categories included in the Windows operating system
  • create, save, open, edit, and set options for both documents with WordPad
  • use a browser to explore the World Wide Web

Introduction to the Internet, CAS 72N, 1 unit

  • Basic introduction to learning the Internet through the use of videos, animations, and hands-on activities.

Introduction to Windows, CAS 99P    

  • Introduction to Microsoft Windows operating system for the personal computer.


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