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The program fosters healthy socio-emotional development while providing opportunities for creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and school readiness.  Financial assistance available for qualified families.   For more information: call 510-723-6684 or stop by the Chabot EC Lab School bldg 3500 8 am -4 pm.

The EC Lab School  operates Preschool classrooms for 3-5 year olds during the College academic year. The Lab School will be closed on all non-instructional days.  The program offers full-time and part-time according to enrollment eligibility and availability.

Hours of operation Monday - Thursday, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Friday 7:30 AM-4:00 PM

Building 3500    Phone: 510-723-6684  Fax: 510-723-7292  Lab School Manager Vanessa Cormier


The mission of the Chabot College Early Childhood Lab School is to positively impact the field of Early Childhood by providing and supporting quality early education and care while modeling professionalism for ECD lab students, children and families.


The Chabot College Early Childhood lab school serves Southern Alameda County providing quality care for the children of students, faculty and community and provides training to students of Early Childhood Development (ECD). We provide a safe environment that meets the developmental needs of children which nurtures their curiosity and love of learning. The EC Lab School acknowledges that families are the child's first teacher and strives to build relationships with families that lead to a strong partnership which reflects sensitivity to issues of diversity: such as ethnicity, culturally and developmentally.  


  • Offer activities that provide positive self-concept
  • Provide a learning experience through an enriched play environment
  • Encourage the child's natural curiosity
  • Help develop each child's communication skills
  • Encourage activities in small and large muscle development
  • Represent cultural diversity
  • Develop thinking and problem solving skills


Chabot College EC Lab School follows a philosophy of Emergent Curriculum implemented at all age levels.  Emergent curriculum is child centered and developmentally based, focusing on individual growth and development.  We define our curriculum as "everything that happens in the classroom:, including the environment, daily routines, all of the relationships between adults and children, as well as specific projects and activities.  

Funded Programs

We have state and federally funded programs for families who qualify for CalWORKs, State Pre School and Head Start,  full and part time. To receive subsidized childcare and developmental services, families must meet eligibility and need requirements.


The staff is highly qualified both in terms of academic training and experience. All staff meet or exceed licensing requirements and requirement for the Child Development Permit Matrix adopted by the state of California. The staff is encouraged to continue their professional development by attending classes, workshops and conferences in Early Childhood Education.

ECD Lab Students

The Chabot EC Lab students complete their lab hours in the classrooms and have assigned tasks; they interact with children and help the teachers with all aspects of the program. The students are considered part of the staff and work as a team in the individual classrooms.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to participate in the daily activities of their child's classroom. Parent involvement will support their child's development and parent/teacher communication. Parents are required to meet with their teacher at least once per semester. Every semester there is an orientation for new and returning parents that include topics such as philosophy, program goals, objectives, eligibility criteria, fee requirements, and program activities.

We encourage suggestions from our parents and work with them in a collaborative manner.

Advisory Board

The Center has an Advisory Board made up of parents, staff, ECD faculty, and community partners.   The board reviews issues and makes recommendations for the program. 

EC Lab School Manager:  Vanessa Cormier  510-723-7483

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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 7/25/2013