College Enrollment Management Committee


The charge of CEMC is to facilitate the improvement of student success and equity in the schedule of classes by recommending the allocation of FTEF to disciplines and by setting timelines for discipline planning and schedule development. Using available data the Committee analyzes enrollment trends, discipline plans and classes offered in order to make recommendations that support productivity and programs. This assists in productivity improvements and reducing bottlenecks to support our strategic plan goal, "to increase the number of students that achieve their educational goal within a reasonable time by clarifying pathways and providing more information and support.

CEMC Infosheet Charge & Strategies

Core Representatives


  • Stacy Thompson, VP of Academic Services
  • Tom DeWit


  • Tom DeWit
  • Jeff Drouin


  • Miguel Colon, Academic Senate President


  • Stacy Thompson, VP of Academic Services
  • Matthew Kritscher, VP of Student Services
  • Dale Wagoner, VP of Administrative Services
  • Kevin Kramer, Dean of Health, Kinesiology & Athletics
  • Arun Goyal, Dean of Science & Math
  • Kristin Lima, Dean of Applied Technology & Business
  • Vacant, Dean of Academic Pathways & Student Success
  • Deonne Kunkel-Wu, Dean of Arts, Humanities & Social Science
  • Jamal Cooks, Dean of Language Arts
  • Debra Trigg, Dean of Counseling
  • Jeanne Wilson, Dean of Special Programs
  • Paulette Lino, Director of Admissions & Records
  • Cynthia Gordon da Cruz, Coordinator, Institutional Research


Second and fourth Mondays of the month at 3pm in room 405