Grants Process

If you have an idea for a project where a funding source has not yet been identified, the Grant Development Office encourages and welcomes preliminary grant proposal ideas. These ideas may be submitted using the short Preliminary Grant Proposal Form* or the Grant Ideas Form included in the Unit Plan. Once submitted, the Grant Development Office will keep tabs on various funding opportunities that may satisfy your needs. DARE TO DREAM!!!

For an overview, the Restricted Funds Lifecyle Diagram provides a visual guide to help navigate grant, categorical funds and MOU/contract processes. A presentation describing the Restricted Funds Lifecycle Diagram can be found here.

The table below also details the process and how the Grant Development Office can help you in applying for a grant where a funding source has already been identified.

Feel free to contact the Grants Development Office anytime along the way if you need assistance with your proposal!



Brainstorm Project Objectives & Research
Budget Costs in Response to Identified RFA/RFP
  • Help make sense of the RFA/RFP instructions
  • Help develop project objectives and activities
    so that they are aligned with grant specifications
  • Contact Program Officers for more information


Complete a Grant Ideas Form
& Submit/Email Copy to Grant Development Office
  • Assist in completing the form
  • Meet to develop a timeline and plan proposal
  • Facilitate communication between the Grants
    Committee and Appropriate Dean(s)


Prepare Proposal & Meet with Chabot
Business Officer to Develop Budget
(Budget Officer Will Confer with the
District Controller as Necessary)
  • Assist in writing, editing, and reviewing proposal
  • Provide general consultation throughout
    the writing process
  • Collaborate on developing the budget and conferring
    with the Chabot Business Office


Complete the Grant Approval Form
and Obtain the Necessary Preliminary Signatures
  • Can be completed by the Grant Development Office


Forward Proposal Draft, Budget Pages,
and Grant Approval Form to Internal
Readers for Review
  • Facilitate grant approval and assist in obtaining
    appropriate signatures
  • Provide feedback and assist in editing proposal


If needed, E-Mail or Fax/Send Budget
Pages & Proposal Abstract to District
Vice Chancellor of Business Services at
Least One Week Before Signatures Needed***
  • Assist with the coordination of obtaining
    appropriate signatures


Complete Grant Application & Obtain
Final College and District Signatures***
(Internal Approval Form to Accompany
Grant to District. Make Prior Appointments
with Vice Chancellor, or Chancellor, as Needed)
  • Assist with the coordination of obtaining
    appropriate signatures


Secure Board Approval (Only if Required by RFP)
  • Scheduling Board Review


Submit/Mail an original and the appropriate
number of copies of the Grant Proposal to
Funding Agency/Organization
  • Assist with copying and mailing final proposal
    (e.g., costs, labor)


Submit a copy of the Internal Grant Approval Form & One (Unstapled) Copy of Final Proposal to Grant Development Office  


*** The signatures required for the grant application are specified in the RFA/RFP.
You may need to get both College and District signatures on grant application forms.