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Drop-in Tutoring

No appointment is necessary to get help with your reading and writing assignments. Just drop in during our convenient hours and a tutor will be available to assist you. To make the most of your tutoring session, read our Tips for a Successful Tutoring Session. The WRAC Center services support reading and writing in all disciplines.  Students can not only get assistance with English assignments, but also any reading and/or writing in other subjects.  We support a wide-variety of all campus disciplines ranging from History to Early Childhood Development!     Tutors are trained to offer support in all areas of reading and writing, including:
  • comprehension of material
  •  reading strategies
  • understanding an  instructor's assignment
  • brainstorming and generating ideas for a paper
  • strategies for editing and proofreading
  • evaluating evidence to support your points
  • identifying ideas in a writing that might be unclear
  • all aspects of the writing process: from starting the process to feedback on a draft
Because ours is an instructional support program, not a proofreading and editing service, we cannot proofread or edit your papers, nor can we correct the grammar.   Our goal (the WRAC Center in conjunction with the English Department) is to enable you to become an independent writer, capable of self-correction.  So, we can make suggestions to help you develop skills for proofreading and editing.    The WRAC Center also provides a number of other resources.  Various handouts are available as a take-home resource. Handout subjects include MLA format, summaries, plagiarism, quoting, introductions, brainstorming, and other reading and writing topics.  Writing Handbooks, dictionaries, textbooks, and readers are also available for use within the WRAC Center. 
Hope to see you there!
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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 4/25/2013