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Success, Equity and Persistence Data for Program Review
(Fall 2013 - Summer 2016)

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Enrollment Management Data

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    Overall Success Rates

    Academic Pathways and Student Success

    Library Skills (LIBS)

    Tutoring (TUTR)

    Applied Technology/Business

    Automotive Technology (ATEC / BMW)


    Business (BUS)


    Computer Network Technology (CNT)


    Computer Application Systems (CAS)


    Electronic Systems Technology (ESYS)


    Entrepreneurship (ENTR)


    Fire Technology (FT)


    Industrial Technology (INDT)


    Machine Tool Technology (MTT)


    Real Estate (REST)


    Welding (WELD)


    Work Experience (WEXP)


    General Psychology / Counseling (PSCN)

    Health, Kinesiology & Athletics

    Adaptive Physical Education (ADPE)


    Athletics (ATHL)


    Dance (DANC)


    Dental Hygiene (DHYG)


    Emergency Medical Services (EMS)


    General Health (HLTH)


    Kinesiology (KINE)


    Medical Assisting (MEDA)


    Nursing (NURS)


    Nutrition (NUTR)


    Physical Education (PEAC)

    Language Arts

    English (ENGL)


    English as a Second Language (ESL)


    General Studies (GNST)


    Service Learning (SERV)


    Sign Language (SL)


    World Languages (FRNC / JAPN / SPA)


    Arts & Humanities

    Architecture (ARCH)


    Art (ART)


    Art History (ARTH)


    Communication Studies (COMM)


    Digital Media (DIGM)


    Humanities (HUMN)


    Interior Design (INTD)


    Mass Communications (MCOM)


    Music (MUSA / MUSL / MUSP / MURT)


    Philosophy (PHIL)


    Photography (PHOT)


    Religious Studies (RELS)


    Theater Arts (THTR)

    Science & Mathematics

    Anatomy (ANAT)


    Astronomy (ASTR)


    Biology (BIOL)


    Chemistry (CHEM)


    Computer Science (CSCI)


    Engineering (ENGR)


    Environmental Science (ENSC)


    Mathematics (MTH) Microbiology (MICR)


    Physics (PHYS)


    Physiology (PHSI)

    Social Sciences

    Administration of Justice (ADMJ)


    Anthropology (ANTH)


    Early Childhood Development (ECD)


    Economics (ECON)(ECN)

    Course Sequences*


    Ethnic Studies (ES)


    Geography (GEOG)


    History (HIS)


    Political Science (POSC)


    Psychology (PSY)


    Sociology (SOCI)

    *Not provided for all programs. Available upon request from Institutional Research.

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