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Parking Lots

Map of parking lots on campus

The parking lots are provided and maintained for the convenience of our campus community. Maintenance of the parking lot is funded exclusively by revenue generated through the sales of parking permits and citations.


Please take notice that parking is restricted to designated lots. For example, Faculty/Staff parking lots are restricted to holders of Chabot-Las Positas Faculty/Staff parking permits. Student lots are for use by students, staff, and visitors. All vehicles shall be parked clearly within a designated parking stall (between the white lines) and head in only. Motorcycles must be parked in designated motorcycle parking areas located in all student lots. Designated parking spaces are provided in all campus parking lots for holders of Department of Motor Vehicles disabled license plates or placards.

Do not park in white loading zones, yellow loading zones, or blue disabled spaces or access areas without proper authorization or placards. Never park, stop, or stand in any red zone, traffic thoroughfare, driveways, or grass or planter areas. Do not park, drive, stop or stand on the inner campus or athletic areas without expressed consent from the Director of Campus Safety and Security or his/her designee.

Emergency Talk A Phone

There are several features we offer to promote safety in our parking lots. First, the parking lots are lit during darkness up until 11:00 p.m. during days of normal operation. In addition, there are emergency call boxes strategically located throughout the campus and parking lots. Look for the blue “Call Box” signs and blue light to locate the call box nearest you.  Press the Red Button to call Campus Safety.  

Map of Emergency Phones

The following is a list of Emergency Talk A Phone locations:

*       Staff Lot A  Sections A2, A8 near Campus Drive

*       Student Lot B Sections B1, B4, B6, B15

*       Staff Lot D near Building 3900

*       Student Lot E near the Child Care Center (Building 3500)

*       Student Lot E near building 3400

*       Student Lot E near Building 1400 Automotive

*       Student Lot G  Sections G1, G2, G8, G15

*       Staff Lot H Section H1

*       Student Lot J next to the Parking Permit Dispenser

*       Building 100 Walkway next to Building 500

*       Building 1400 Walkway by 1600

*       Building 1800 Walkway near Building 2000

*       Building 1900 Walkway near Building 2200

*       Building 2300 Walkway by Building 100

*       Building 2100 Walkway facing Building 2400

*       Building 2500 Walkway facing the Building 3800 Bookstore

*       Building 2700 Swimming Pool Upper deck near glass doors

*       Softball Field Snack Bar Wall facing Building 4000

*       Soccer/ Tennis Court Storage on Athletic Pathway.

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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 2/14/2018