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Campus is closed. 
All in-person classes, labs and meetings are suspended.

Students can see full details at the Student Updates page.

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Parking permits & fees

Parking Permit Fees


Fee Fall / Spring Summer
Daily Parking Permit $3 $3
Semester Permit for Motor Vehicle $40 $20
Motorcycle $20 $10
"No Permit" Violation Fine $35 $35

Note: All parking fees are subject to change.


Purchasing Parking Permit


Daily Permit Dispenser

Purchasing Daily Permit

Daily parking permits can be purchased from dispensers located in the parking lots. 
Only bills and coins are accepted.

Note: There is no grace period for permits. You must purchase a parking permit for each day while classes are in session.

Student Parking Permit

Purchasing Semester Permit for students

Have the following information with you before ordering your permit:

  • Student ID Number (W number)
  • Vehicle license plate and state of vehicle registration
  • Year, make, model, and color of vehicle

Follow these steps to order and purchase your parking permit:

  1. Log into CLASS-Web
  2. Click the Order a Parking Permit link
  3. Select type of permit
  4. Select or add a vehicle
  5. Order and pay for permit

To receive your parking permit, you must first print your temporary parking permit. Once you have printed your temporary permit, you will receive your permanent permit in the mail in approximately 10 business days.
Follow these steps to print your temporary permit:

  1. Log into CLASS-Web
  2. Click the Order or Activate a Parking Permit link
  3. Click the Print Temporary Permit link



Displaying Parking Permit


Permits shall be hung from the rearview mirror or displayed on the vehicle dashboard.


Student Parking Lots       Parking Guidelines