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Parking Permits

Parking at Chabot College is by permit only. Student Semester Parking Permits are ONLY available online through CLASS-Web.

Student parking permits for each instructional term (semester) may be purchased online only through CLASS-Web, after registering for classes. Individuals who enroll in-person at the Office of Admissions & Records and who wish to purchase a student parking permit will be required to do so online. Access to and assistance with purchasing parking permits online is available in the Student Online Services Center in Building 700, Room 709. At the time of purchase, be prepared to print a temporary permit and have the following vehicle information ready:

*       Year

*       Make

*       Model

*       Color

*       License Plate Number

*       State of Vehicle Registration

Daily parking permits can still be purchased for $2 from dispensers located in all parking lots on campus. Permits shall be hung from the rearview mirror or displayed on the vehicle dashboard. Students must pay the parking fee in order to receive a parking permit. Permits will be mailed out to the students.


Permit Fees

The following fees have been set for parking in accordance with section 76360 of the California Education Code and adopted by the Board of Trustees:

Motor Vehicles

*       Fall/Spring Semester: $30

*       Summer Session: $15


*       Fall/Spring Semester: $15

*       Summer Session: $7.50

Daily Permits: $2

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