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Clubs and Organizations

The following clubs meet all of the requirements to be recognized by the College.

Student Government Organizations


Able Disable Club

Any student who is disable or has interest in supporting the Able Disable Club at Chabot College are eligible to join the Able Disable Club.

For more information visit our webpage

President Carl Beamon carlb5757@gmail.com
Vice-President Theresa Pedrosa annepvincent2006@yahoo.com
Secretary Carla Humphrey cbosszil@gmail.com
Treasurer Theresa Pedrosa annepvincent2006@yahoo.com
ICC-Representative Elaine Torres  
Advisor Will Williams rwilliams@chabotcollege.edu

Active Minds at Chabot

Active Minds at Chabot is a chapter of the National Active Minds non--profit organization. We will: empower students to change the negative perception of mental health plan events that promote an open dialogue around mental health issues, connect students to resource, encourage students to seek help early, and provide student a wide range of programs that education students about mental health.

MEETING DAYS: Every Tuesday, Room 512 from 12pm -1pm

President Cynthia Johnson cynjohnson@chabotcollege.edu
Financial Officer Lanesha Tyler lanesha-tyler@yahoo.com
Member Latoya Robinson latoyar73@gmail.com
Advisor Stefanie Montouth scutley@chabotcollege.edu

Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society / AGS / AGS (Greek Letters) / Honor Society

To acknowledge academic excellence while serving the campus and community.

 President Kenness Cheung kennesscheung@gmail.com
 Vice-President Louella Lopez louella1197@gmail.com
 Secretary Spencer Gondorf thespencegondorf@gmail.com
 Financial Officer Nima Edalatjavid nima.edalatjavid@gmail.com
 ICC-Representative Adrian Sandoval adrian95san@gmail.com
  Advisor Lisa Carlsen lcarlsen@chabotcollege.edu

Anthropology Club

MEETING DAYS: Every other Monday, Room 503, 3pm - 4pm

President Alicia "Achi" Ikeda iachi.ikeda@gmail.com
Vice-President Erin Olewinski olewinskierin@gmail.com
Secretary Spencer Gondorf thespencergondorf@gmail.com
Financial Officer Dylan Kelleher kelleherdylan@gmail.com
ICC- Representative Kawal Singh realkawal9504@gmail.com
Advisor Javier Espinoza jespinoza@chabocollege.edu

Barangay Chabot

The Purpose of Barangay Chabot is to provide a space where students can raise the awareness of Filipino roots, culture, history, and heritage.  To build a sense of community amongst Filipion communities on and off campus by sharing our migration stories from the Philippines, continue to learn about current issues impacting Filipinos all across the world, especially in the Bay Area.  This club aims to create a space where Filipino students are comfortable and can connect with each other and build towards reconnecting with the Philippines.

MEETINGS DAYS: Wednesdays 3:30-4:30PM, Room 351




President Herminio Valencia hermbval@gmail.com
Vice-President Ma Rovi Ann Taway imvaster@gmail.com
Financial Officer Redge Tolentino  
ICC-Representative Kristel Ann Calderon kristelanncalderon@gmail.com
Advisor Alan David adavid@chabotcollege.edu

Chabot College Biology Club

To unite Chabot College students by giving them a tangible place in which they can further fulfill their curiosity in biology. Moreover, to give biology students information about available opportunities on campus.

MEETING DAYS: Tuesday, Room 1806, 12pm - 1pm

President Pablo Morales morales.pm3493@gmail.com
Vice-President Isaac Henderson HerdersonisS@yahoo.com
Financial Officer Alison Diep
Secretary Alan Rodriguez  
ICC-Representative Jairo Garcia
Advisor Rebecca Otto rotto@chabotcollege.edu



Circle K of Chabot College

To serve the community, make connections, and improve the overall life of Chabot. To inspire individuals around us to be better civilians and to help our world with our love of service.

MEETINGS DAYS: Thursday, Room 1801 from 12pm - 1pm

President Charles Nguyen cvnguyen0010@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Vice-President James Lee jamesmadisonlee@gmail.com
Financial Officer Brandon Nguyen bguyenbrandon12@gmail.com
Editor Michael Han michaeltathan@gmail.com
Secretary Jerold Innoencio importantstuff@gmail.com
Advisor Sujoy Sarkar ssarkar@chabotcollege.edu
Advisor Dr. Marshall Mitzman  


Chabot College Cheer Leading

To allow young men and women to express their talents and support the athletic teams through cheer.

MEETINGS DAYS: Thursday, Room 1806 from 12pm - 1pm

President Aleyah Aniss Katherine Moncrease haylaxe@gmail.com
Head Captain Billie-Aerykah Williams billiaerkaywilliams@gmail.com
Captain Rayniesha Hill rayniesha@icloud.com
Co-Captain Mesha Williams mesha0317@gmail.com
Financial Officer Angelina Dolores Sapienza angiee346@gmail.com
Advisor Shawna  Crawford scrawford@chabotcollege.edu

Communications Club

To bring in new activities for any students interested in communications as well as coordinate a variety of subgroups of COMM studies, COMM lab, intramural tournament and great debate.

MEETING DAYS: Tuesday, Room 803 from 12am - 12:50am

President Felimae Manrique ftmanrique.14@gmail.com
Vice-President Margaret Moore margmoore1234@yahoo.com
Secretary Raphael Servando christianserv27@gmail.com
Treasurer Alejandro Gomez alejandrog140@gmail.com
ICC-Representative Patrick Mwamba bmpatrick91@gmail.com
Advisor Veronica Martinez vmmartinez@chabotcollege.edu

Association of China

Providing support and information in variety academic file enhancing the academics processes and knowledge for their personal development. Building a communication bridge within the Western and Eastern culture

MEETING DAYS: 1st & #rd Monday, Room 351 from 11am;12pm -1pm

President JiaJie Kuang associationofchina.pre@gmail.com
Vice-President Simin Liu associationofchina.vicepreside@gmail.com
Secretary TszKwan Lo associationofchina.secretary@gmail.com
Financial Officer HoChit Wong associationofchina.treasurer@gmail.com
ICC- Representative Liying Li associationofchina.icc@gmail.com
Advisor Kent Uchiyama kuchiyama@Chabotcollege.edu 

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)

Our mission is to provide an environment for students to share ideas and collaborate on projects related to computer science and engineering.

President Moses McCabe moses.peace.mccabe@gmail.com
Vice-President of Computer Science Jasmine Kwong jckwong@outlook.com
Secretary Samar Barakat samarbarakat@gmail.com
Financial Officer Gladwin Andrew Sy gladwinsy@gmail.com
Vice-President of Engineering Mark Mateo msosepreyes89@gmail.com
Media Advisor Brian Skinner keithskinner93@gmail.com
ICC- Representative Bao Nguyen baonguyen121@gmail.com
Advisor Daniel Quigley dquigley@chabotcollege.edu

Collegiate DECA

To prepare students to succeed in the business world by teaching skills not taught in the classroom. Providing real
world business experience, ad supplying networking, volunteer, internship, and job opportunities.

MEETINGS DAYS: Tuesday, Room 1608 from 12pm - 1pm

President Ho Nam Tong, Felix president@chabotdeca.org
Vice-President Lindsay Earhart qhrrudwls@gmail.com
Member Lenton Gaines lentilsoup2525@gmail.com
ICC-Representative Lok Wai Christina Hui christina.hui098@gmail.com
Advisor Catherine Pinkas cpinkas@chabotcollege.edu

Chabot Dreamers

To provide a safe space and build a community of support for undocumented students and allies; to advocate for themselves and to bring awareness and representation on campus and to the community at large. Chabot Dreams work together to turn dreams into action.

We meet every 1st & 3rd Thursday from 12-1pm in Room 506. 

Club website: http://www.chabotcollege.edu/dreamers/dreamers-club/

President Raul Figueroa figueroa.raul.enrique@gmail.com
Secretary Julissa Gonzalez julissagonzalez125@gmail.com
Financial Officer Lilibeth Mata Juarez lilibethmata1497@gmail.com 
Advisor Katie Messina kmessina@chabotcollege.edu

Economics Club

To provide any student interested in the field of Economics a venue for academic and personal growth.

MEETINGS DAYS: Tuesday, Room 1804 from 12pm - 1pm

President Nishan Jones nishanjones66@gmail.com
Vice-President Kenness Cheung kennesscheung@gmail.com
Secretary Claire Lawry c.lawry0@gmail.com
Financial Officer Alex Haney hotwheelshaney@gmail.com
ICC-Representative Laurina Sousa laurinabsousa@gmail.com
Advisor Ken Williams kwilliams@chabotcollege.edu


For the Cross (FX)

To build up the Christians on campus and bring the gospel to those who do not know it.

MEETINGS DAYS: Thursday, From 12pm - 1:20pm, Room 1803


President Luke Williams write4him258@gmail.com
Vice-President Emilia DiNatale krazyknitter.6445@gmail.com
Financial Officer Lyndsey Finn lyndseyfinn180@gmail.com
Officer John FitzGerald johnfitzgerald9000@gmail.com
Event Manager
Hannah Ashkenasy hannahshkenasy@yahoo.com
Advisor Matt Davis mdavis@chabotcollege.edu

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

We are a social club focused o raising awareness of LGBT issues and rights within the Chabot Community. We march in Pride events, celebrate National Coming Out Day and the National Day of Silence, show films, host discussions and more.

MEETING DAYS: Tuesday & Thursdays, Room 1613 from 12pm - 1pm

President Ashni Kumar ashnikumar03@gmail.com
Vice-President Albert (Frankie) Olivares frankieo.223@gmail.com
Secretary Mariah Douglas mariahndouglas@gmail.com
Financial Officer Sugei Villanueva villanuevasugei@yahoo.com
ICC-Representative Auburn Jordan effectraven@yahoo.com
Advisor Shoshanna Tenn stenn@chabotcollege.edu

Global Medical Brigades


MEETING DAYS: 1st & 3rd Thursdays, 12pm - 1pm

President Brandon Chavira chabotmedicalbrigades@gmail.com
Vice-President Shahira Mawlavizada shahiram07@gmail.com
Co-President Luis Soto luis.soto3200@yahoo.com
Financial Officer Lenton Gaines III lentilsoup2525@gmail.com
ICC-Representative Melissa Edwards melissajedwards95@gmail.com
Advisor Jan Novak jnovak@chabotcollege.edu


International Club of Chabot College

To provide a common meeting place for the International Students of Chabot College to explore, learn about and educate fellow students of the diverse cultures present at Chabot College. Membership is open to all currently enrolled Chabot College students.

MEETING DAYS: Thursday, Room 502 12pm - 12:50pm

President Redge Tolentino redge.tolentino_mehs@yahoo.com
Vice-President Jordan Tran musiccrazed247@hotmail.com
Secretary Ma Rovi Ann Taway (Mavi) imavster@gmail.com
Financial Officer Tong Ho Nam (Felix) felixlovecat@gmail.com
ICC-Representative Kristel Ann Calderon kristelanncalderon@gmail.com
Co ICC-Representative Avneet Gandhi avneetgandhi@gmail.com
Advisor Dolly Balangitao dbalangitao@chabotcollege.edu

KCRH Radio DJ Club

MEETING DAYS: Wednesday, Building 2325 from 2:45pm - 4:30pm
Website: www.KCRHradio.com

President Sonny Alvarado dynnos.kcrh89.9@gmail.com
Vice-President Angela Odis Brawner jangelaodis@gmail.com
Secretary Angelina Trejo angelinatrjo97@gmail.com
Financial Officer Florito Maniego theflowreel@gmail.com
ICC-Representative Loreno J Caballero ozzo@kcrhradio.com
Advisor Chad Mark Glen cglen@chabotcollege.edu


Latin@s with Purpose (LWP)

To inspire and create latino/a leaders that wll make a postiive impact in their peers and community. We want to ensure that every member is successful academically by connecting them to resources on campus and serving as a support group that wull help them transition into college and achieve their academic goals.

MEETING DAYS: Tuesday, Room 359 from 12pm - 1pm

President Alexia Lamarque alexia.lamarque@gmail.com
Vice-President Raul Figueroa raul_e_f@yahoo.com
Secretary Ibeth Gomez ibethgomez5@gmail.com
Financial Officer Jackeline Gonzalez jgonzhern@gmail.com
ICC-Representative Andree Taylor andreetaylor@yahoo.com
Advisor Fransisco Zermeno fzermeno@chabotcollege.edu

Law and Justice Club

The purpose of the Law and Justice Club is to promote interest and understanding of the law and the criminal justice system by offering a wide variety of programs and activities.

MEETING DAYS: 2nd and 4th Thursday, Room 405, 12pm - 1pm

President Anne Espinoza espinozanne@gmail.com
Vice-President Viet Mai maiviet@yahoo.com
Secretary Vanessa Virtusio vanessa.virtusio27@gmail.com
Financial Officer Kali Espinoza kali.espinoza97@gmail.com
Advisor Cheryl Mackey cmackey@chabotcollege.edu

Chabot Math Club

To provide workshops for Chabot College Math students, host Math competitions, create a community of support of Chabot College Math students, provide career information via guest speakers and tours, and provide community service opportunities for members.

MEETINGS DAYS: Tuesday, Room 1804 from 12pm - 1pm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChabotMathClub

President Kathleen Vu kathleenvu.95@gmail.com
Vice-President Alonso Perez ins.name@gmail.com
Coordinator Sajad Maysam sajad.maysam@gmail.com
Financial Officer Aditya Jhanwar adityajhanwar1@gmail.com
ICC-Representative Hesham Assabahi hesham20a@gmail.com
Advisor Daniel Quigley dquigley@chabotcollege.edu

Model United Nations (MUN)

To assist Chabot College Students in attending Model United Nations Conferences and hosting conferences managed by Chabot College Students

MEETINGS DAYS:  Mondays, Room 504 from 5pm - 6pm
Website: www.lpcmun.org

President Jose Alvarado Torre jos.alvatorre@gmail.com
Vice-President Maria Morgan  
Financial Officer Zachary James Borja  
Advisor Jacob Adams jadams@chabotcollege.edu

My Sisters' Keeper

My Sisters' Keeper (MSK) is a support group for young Queens.  We are a sisterhood of educated women that meets weekly in a loving space, to support and empower one another.  The objective for our weekly meetings is to equip our members with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need so they can exemplify and act like Queens and Women of Excellence.  Our aim is to develop and strengthen how ew demonstrate love for ourselves, our sisters, and others.

MEETINGS DAYS: Thursday, Room 758 from 5:00pm-7:30pm

Co-President Terilynn Diggs terilynndiggs.td@gmail.com 
Co-President Daisy Pickett humannaturedj@gmail.com 
Secretary Lois Kablan sarahlois225@yahoo.com
Fundraising Coordinator Adesuwa Ogbeide adesuwaogbeide90@gmail.com 
Treasurer Aleyda DeGracia aleydadegracia@gmail.com 
Community Engagement Organizer Racquelle Sowell sowellracquelle@gmail.com 
Advisor Brittany West bwest@chabotcollege.edu

Student Nurse Association (SNA)

To discuss and encourage the growth of the nursing profession.

MEETING DAYS: 3rd Thursdays, Room 3115/3102, 12pm - 1pm

President Joshua Kennedy sgtkennedy@yahoo.com
Vice-President Stephanie Halland shalland@gmail.com 
Secretary Mark McManus markemcmanus7593@gmail.com
Financial Officer Benjamin Dombro bfdombro@gmail.com 
Project Manager Summer Bowers summerbowers@hotmail.com
Advisor Elaine Baiardi ebaiardi@chabotcollege.edu

Chabot Physics Club

To provide a common meeting place for the International Students of Chabot College to explore, learn about, and educated fellow students of the diverse cultures presented at Chabot College. Membership open to all Chabot College students.

MEETING DAYS: Monday (Every other), Room 1803 from 12pm - 1pm

President Christopher Hui  
Vice-President Mark Joseph Reyes Mateo mjosephreyes89@gmail.com
Secretary Maxwell McAllister max_mcallister@yahoo.com
Financial Officer Jasmine Kwong  
ICC-Representative Aaron Basharain  
Advisor Scott Hildreth shildreth@chabotcollege.edu

Revolunationaries Advocating for Greener Ecosystems

To facilitate a shift in our communities' consciousness to reduce consumption and waste for environmental sustainability.

MEETING DAYS: Friday, Room 198, 11:30am - 1:00pm

President Ben Nash bnash@chabotcollege.edu
Vice-President Spencer Gondorf thespensegondorf@gmail.com
Secretary Sofia Sanchez sofillot186@gmail.com
Financial Officer Claire Lawry colawry@gmail.com
ICC-Representative Galia Abushi galiaabushi@gmail.com
Advisor Sean McFarland smcfarland@chabotcollege.edu


SACNAS at Chabot College

The goal of our organization is to provide the students of Chabot - Las Positas Community College District with local and national forums, guidance, resources and professional growth on today's vastly changing industries of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

MEETING DAYS: Thursday, 12pm - 1pm

President Efrain (Carlos) Cuellar efrain.c.cuellar@gmail.com
Co-President Saad Saeed superhero687@gmail.com
Communication Officer Jeanette Shepherd jenbshep4@gmail.com
Financial Officer Kidane Mussie kidanemussie95@gmail.com
Public Relation Officer Jason Harper jasonharper90@gmail.com
Public Relation Officer Emilio Calub edcalub96@gmail.com
Information Officer Doniya Ahahchane doniyaahabchane@gmail.com
Advisor 1 Antonio Gonzalez agonzalez@chabotcollege.edu
Advisor 2 Donna Gibson dgibson@chabotcollege.edu
Advisor 3 Timothy Dave tdave@chabotcollege.edu

Chabot Smash Club

To build and grow an open, friendly, welcoming community that focuses on improvement and motivation while encouraging and maintain the integrity and spirit of competitive gaming through Super Smash Bros.

MEETING DAYS: Thursday, 4:30pm - 5pm // Location: Top of Cafeteria (Temporary)

President David Driessen david.Driessen@yahoo.com
Vice President Alex Jimerez aj.twentyone@gmail.com
Financial Officer Roger Abellan roger23246@gmail.com
Coach Evin De Leon Sanchez evindeleonsanchez@gmail.com
Secretary DJ Mondragon damondragon@zonemail.com.clpccd.edu
Advisor Keiko Yukama kyukama@chabotcollege.edu

Stay Woke Collective

The Stay Woke Collective is looking at creating new horizons of power and hope, of multiculturalism and multilingual tongues. It is a movement to engage students/community members on local and global issues. We want to create a safe space for Youth of color to feel comfortable using their voices in creating a support system if unity and empowerment, while promoting ethnic solidarity.

MEETING DAYS: Mondays, Room 505, 2pm - 3pm

President Starr Moore starrmoore906@gmail.com
Vice President Hyo Hun Kim johnkim1013@gmail.com
Financial Officer Aesa Ruiz aesatheweirdo@gmail.com
ICC Representative Meredith Ortiz meredithortiz21@gmail.com
Secretary Lesly Avendano avendan.lesly@gmail.com
Advisor Kay Fischer kfischer@chabotcollege.edu

Students Honoring and Appreciating Religious Equality (S.H.A.R.E)

MEETING DAYS: Friday, Room 352, 2pm - 3pm

President Pascal Garcia-Montpetit prgarciamontpetit@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Vice President Janelle Coronado jadedistrict@gmail.com
Financial Officer Pedro Vargas prvargas0001@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Secretary Rohya Rahimi rohyarahimi@gmail.com
Relations Director Savannah Cyrus savannah.c.cyrus@gmail.com
Advisor Kent Uchiyama kuchiyama@chabotcollege.edu

Student Members California Dental Hygientists' Association (SMCDHA)

MEETING DAYS: Friday, Room 352, 2pm - 3pm

President Kawe Doctolero-Tolentino kxdoctolerlentino@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Vice President Kelly McKeon kmmckeon17@gmail.com
Financial Officer Michelle Zhen mxzhen@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Secretary Rohya Rahimi rohyarahimi@gmail.com
Relations Director Brittany De Jesus britneenee@yahoo.com
Advisor Alyssa Anglo elyssa.anglo@yahoo.com

Striving Black Brothers Coalition

MEETING DAYS: Thursdays, Room 200 (Board Room), 5pm - 7pm

President Alan Roberson Alan.Roberson1996@gmail.com
Vice President Carl Nash Mrnash1195@gmail.com
Financial Officer Darren Theard Darrentheard@gmail.com
Secretary Orobosa Ogbeide Orobosaobeide@yahoo.com
ICC Representative Ross Collier Rossgipsy@gmail.com
Advisor Art Barboza abarboza@chabotcollege.edu


Community Service and Volunteer Club

MEETING DAYS: Room 737, Tuesday 3pm - 5pm

President Lois Sarah Kablan sarahlois225@yahoo.com
Treasurer Gurwant Khabra gurwantkhabra@gmail.com
Community Service Coordinator Dalia Darwish dello1996@hotmail.com
Club Representative Raymond Sivilla rayworld406@gmail.com
Event Coordinator Elizabeth Herrera exherrera0005@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Advisor Brittney West bwest@chabotcollege.edu


The Uprise Organization will provide a welcoming space for students who have been impacted by mass incarceration. This organization offers support, guidance, mentoring and (when available) resources for impacted students by impacted students with the main purpose and goal of retention and higher education.

MEETING DAYS: Tuesday, Room 134, 12pm - 1pm

President Michael Cerda-Jara m.cerdajara@gmail.com
Vice President Amelia Moreno moreno19amelia@gmail.com
Secretary Sophia Rodriguez sophrodrican@outlook.com
Financial Officer Vanessa Carmel violetblossom@gmail.com
ICC Representative Kenyatta Barton kenyattabarton@gmail.com
Advisor Michael Thompson mthompson@chabotcollege.edu

Vietnamese-American Association

To expose Vietnamese culture to students who are interested in it; to help new Vietnamese students to be successful.

MEETING DAYS: Room 1756 Thursday (1st & 3rd) every month, 12pm - 1pm

President Vien (Vincent) Nguyen Chanh vaa.chabotcollege@gmail.edu
Vice-President Ngan Ngoc Hong Le  
Secretary Tai Dinh Ba  
Treasurer Vien Nguyen Chanh  
ICC Representative Ruth Dolores Vila Herrera  
Advisor Linda T. Phan lphan@chabotcollege.edu



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