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Clubs and Organizations

The following clubs meet all of the requirements to be recognized by the College.

Student Government Organizations


Able Disable Club

Any student who is disable or has interest in supporting the Able Disable Club at Chabot College are eligible to join the Able Disable Club.

For more information visit our webpage

MEETING DAYS: Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday, Room 2338, 12pm - 12:50pm

President Carl A. Beamon carlb5757@gmail.com
Vice-President Herb Clayton ucberkley71@hotmail.com
Secretary Carla Humphrey cboss211@yahoo.com
Treasurer Theresa Pedrosa tpedrosa2017@gmail.com
ICC-Representative Theresa Pedrosa tpedrosa2017@gmail.com
Advisor Will Williams wwilliams@chabotcollege.edu

Active Minds at Chabot

Active Minds at Chabot is a chapter of the National Active Minds non--profit organization. We will: empower students to change the negative perception of mental health plan events that promote an open dialogue around mental health issues, connect students to resource, encourage students to seek help early, and provide student a wide range of programs that education students about mental health.

MEETING DAYS: Every Tuesday, Room 512 from 12pm -1pm

President Rachel Fuller fullerrachel@gmail.com
Vice President Bryan Martin-Ramirez darel_mr13@hotmail.com
Financial Officer Lanesha Tyler lanesha-tyler@yahoo.com
Member Andrea Salazar asalazar118111@yahoo.com
Member Joan Cortez joancortez66@gmail.com
Advisor Stefanie Montouth scutley@chabotcollege.edu

Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society / AGS / AGS (Greek Letters) / Honor Society

To upphold the values of AGS, Inc.: Academics, Community Service and Leadership. To Engage in activities that develop and enrich these values while becoming active, civic-minded participants in out campus and community.

MEETING DAYS: Thursdays, Room 307 12:00 - 12:50pm

President Carter Walling wallingc98@gmail.com
Vice-President Byron Lazatin LazatinByron@yahoo.com
Secretary Samantha Dejos samantha_dejos@yahoo.com
Financial Officer Sasha Durst sashadurst@gmail.com
ICC-Representative John Wu johnwu@gmail.com
Community Service Director Ashley Santizo Vieyra ashley.svieyra@gmail.com
Marketing Director Krissi Alari krissialari@gmail.com
Historian Omar Cisneros ocisnero95@gmail.com
Advisor Lisa Carlsen lcarlsen@chabotcollege.edu

Chabot Architecture Club (CAC)

In order to inform students of the history and value of architecture as a profession and as an interesting hobby we have established the architecture club. We notify students about events that are occurring in and around the community that are related to the field of architecture. We are passionate students that care deeply about the field and want to spread our enthusiasm to other students that share the common interst.

MEETING DAYS: Every other Tuesday, Room 905, 12pm - 1pm

President Karess Batkowski swimk88@yahoo.com
Vice-President Celestino Arroyo celestinoarroyo@gmail.com
Secretary Michael Lopes mikelopes121@gmail.com
Event Coordinator Xinyu Zhang Caeryme8@gmail.com
ICC- Representative David Carrera dmcarrera117@gmail.com
Advisor Adrian Huang ahuang@chabocollege.edu

Chabot Student Art Club

Our Purpose is to create and showcase student art.

MEETING DAYS: Every other Tuesday, Room 1012, 11:50am - 1pm

President Amanda Shoars maedae62@gmail.com
Vice-President Andrea Higman-Bailey axhigmanbailey@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Secretary Sofia Monge-Guzman sfmonge512@gmail.com
Financial Officer Adam Jeffs adam.jeffs@gmail.com
Advisor Clayton Thiel cthiel@chabotcollege.edu
Advisor Bonnie Stipe bstipe@chabotcollege.edu

Anthropology Club

As a formal and official club we seek to promote cultural acceptance, helping ourselves and our members importance of society and the fact that we are as a species are all the same and should all work together.

MEETING DAYS: Every other Monday, Room 405, 3pm - 4pm

President Vincent Sapienza vincesapienza@gmail.com
Vice-President Jiancong Lei brucelei17@gmail.com
Secretary Dana Moehle drmoehle@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Financial Officer Kanwal Singh  
Outreach Officer Asla Morgodo amorgodo@chabotcollege.edu
Advisor Javier Espinoza jespinoza@chabocollege.edu

Barangay Chabot

The Purpose of Barangay Chabot is to provide a space where students can raise the awareness of Filipino roots, culture, history, and heritage.  To build a sense of community amongst Filipino communities on and off campus by sharing our migration stories from the Philippines, continue to learn about current issues impacting Filipinos all across the world, especially in the Bay Area.  This club aims to create a space where Filipino students are comfortable and can connect with each other and build towards reconnecting with the Philippines.

MEETINGS DAYS: Wednesdays 1:30pm - 2:45PM & 3:30pm - 5pm, Room 2301




President Devon Devera devondevera@ymail.com
Financial Officer Redge Tolentino redge.tolentino_mehz@yahoo.com
Secretary Tristan Erana tantanerana@gmail.com
Advisor Alan David adavid@chabotcollege.edu

Bayan Club

To provide a unique experience to Chabot Students of Filipino descent. This Group explores cultural traditional rituals and celebration to promote Filipino culture to Chabot College and its surrounding communities. To showcase Filipino talents through concert or performance possibilities.

MEETINGS DAYS: Tuesday 3:30pm - 5pm, Room 1102

President Mariah Vicedo mariahgedninern@gmail.com
Vice President Darrell Juan darrelljuan4@yahoo.com
Financial Officer Lyann lyaannee@gmail.com
Member Noelani McConahy nmcconahy1990@gmail.com
Member Gabriel Penaroyo gfpenaroy@gmail.com
Advisor Jon Palacio Jr. jpalacio@chabotcollege.edu

Chabot College Biology Club

To unite Chabot College students by giving them a tangible place in which they can further fulfill their curiosity in biology. Moreover, to give biology students information about available opportunities on campus.

MEETING DAYS: Thursday, Room 1806, 12pm - 1pm

President Qianfeng Chen president.chabotbiology@gmail.com
Vice-President Jasmine Magat vicepresident.chabotbiology@gmail.com
Financial Officer Arden Galvez treasurer.chabotbiology@gmail.com
Secretary Jennifer Giang secretary.chabotbiology@gmail.com
ICC Representative Allegra Estrada ICCRep.chabotbiology@gmail.com
Historian Jasmine Magat j.magat1245@gmail.com
Advisor Rebecca Otto rotto@chabotcollege.edu

Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP)

CARP is an international, faith-based campus organization that raises leaders of character who live for the greater good and build a culture of altruism through personal transformation. Through serving the campus community, we advocate and develop moral, ethical relationships in preparation for a thriving family life and career. We work together to bridge differences of race, nationality, and religion, by engaging young people from around the world to take responsibility for the future.

MEETINGS DAYS: Location: Room 1608 Tuesdays 12am - 1pm

Instagram: @carpbayarea

President Junta Naito juntanaito@gmail.com
Financial Officer Amaris Durst amarisdurst@gmail.com
Communication Coordinator Savannah Cyrus savannah.c.cyrus@gmail.com
Secretary Erika Gordon erika.ann.gordon@gmail.com
Member Monica Quitorio monicaq123@gmail.com
Advisor Jamilya Ukudeeva jukudeeva@chabotcollege.edu

Circle K of Chabot College

To serve the community, make connections, and improve the overall life of Chabot. To inspire individuals around us to be better civilians and to help our world with our love of service.

MEETINGS DAYS: Thursday, Room 1811 from 12pm - 1pm

President Jerold Inocencio cc.ckipresident@gmail.com
Vice-President Vivian Nguyen cc.ckivpa@gmail.com
Financial Officer Silver Chen cc.ckitreasure@gmail.com
Historian Reynoldo Reynoso rjreynoso25@gmail.com
Secretary Eric Reyes cc.ckisecretary@gmail.com
Advisor Sujoy Sarkar ssarkar@chabotcollege.edu

Association of China

Providing support and information in variety academic file enhancing the academics processes and knowledge for their personal development. Building a communication bridge within the Western and Eastern culture

MEETING DAYS: Last Thursday of the month, Room 1752, 12pm -1:30pm

President JiaJie Kuang  associationofchina.pre@gmail.com
Vice-President Simin Liu associationofchina.vicepreside@gmail.com 
Secretary JieYu he associationofchina.secretary@gmail.com 
Financial Officer HoChit Wong associationofchina.treasurer@gmail.com
ICC- Representative Chunyau Hau associationofchina.icc@gmail.com
Advisor Kent Uchiyama kuchiyama@Chabotcollege.edu

Chabot College Computer Science Club (CSC)

To provide a community of support and assistance for Chabot College Computer science students and enthusiasts and to join fellow STEM clubs towards the promotion and advancement of STEM studies, causes, and issues within the Chabot College community.

MEETING DAYS: Tuesdays, 12pm -1:00pm Room 1804

President Samar Barakat samarbarakat23@gmail.com
Vice-President Richard Wieger qserhat@gmail.com
Financial Officer Mangesh Darke mdarke93@gmail.com
Records Director/Secretary Manu Singh manu.singh0313@gmail.com
ICC- Representative Gladwin Andrew Sy gladwinsy@gmail.com
Advisor Jonathan Traugott jtraugott@chabotcollege.edu

Chabot College Chemistry Club

Our purpose is to build a community where al science and non-science are welcome. We op[e to build relationships, and provide support. Tutoring will be provided. We want to create an environment where chemistry is not only fun but interesting for out members and anyone attending.

MEETING DAYS: Every Thursday, 12pm -1:00pm Room 1806

President Tomas Jimenez tjimenez17@gmail.com
Vice-President Camile Cristobal keikoengart265@gmail.com
Financial Officer Sharon Deng keikoengart265@gmail.com
Secretary Asma Safdar axsafdar306@gmail.com
ICC- Representative Rommel Tendencia romtendencia@gmail.com
Historian Sugei Villanueva gastelumsugei@gmail.com
Advisor Laurue Dockter ldockter@chabotcollege.edu

Collegiate DECA

The mission of College DECA is to nurture competent, entrepreneurial, self-reliant and cooperative leadership in a wide variety of business fields however we primarily focus on the fields of marketing and managment.

MEETINGS DAYS: Tuesday, Room 1609 from 12pm - 1pm

President Enrico Singh enrico.singh@gmail.com
Vice-President Lindsay Earhart qhrrudwls@gmail.com
Financial Officer Hao Zhe Chen tommyhchen@gmail.com
Secretary Marc Saraspi mfsaraspi@zonemail.clpccd.edu
ICC-Representative Demetri Bell demtribell@gmail.com
ICC Alternate Representative Elizabeth Nakhmanovich elizabeth.nakh@gmail.com
Advisor Catherine Pinkas cpinkas@chabotcollege.edu

Chabot Dreamers

To provide a safe space and build a community of support for undocumented students and allies; to advocate for themselves and to bring awareness and representation on campus and to the community at large. Chabot Dreams work together to turn dreams into action.

MEETING DAYS: every 1st & 3rd Thursday from 12pm - 12:50pm in Room 506. 

Club website: http://www.chabotcollege.edu/dreamers/dreamers-club/

President Jaqueline Mata jauelinemata1799@gmail.com 
Vice-President Monica Esqueda monesqueda@gmail.com 
Secretary Savannah Rodriguez savrodriguezis@gmail.com 
Financial Officer Antionio Mendoza armendoza0004@zonemail.clpccd.edu 
Advisor Benjamin Barboza bbarboza@chabotcollege.edu

The Digital Entrepreneurship CLub

To provide students with resources, mentoring, and networking opportunities that help make their entrepreneurial goals a reality. The club is dedicated to furthering understanding about creating and running one's own business in the 21st century.

MEETING DAYS: Every other Tuesday from 11am - 12:30pm in Room 558.

President Yurvaj Dhanoa ydhanoa@gmail.com
Vice-President Elijah Gonzalez elijahgonzalez1421@gmail.com
Secretary Brianna Wong bgabwong@gmail.com
Financial Officer Jashan Singh birringjs97@gmail.com
Advisor Ken Williams Kwilliams@chabotcollege.edu

Chabot College Engineering Club

To provide an environment for students to share ideas and collaborate on projects related to engineering. This is to be a community and build interesting for student gain hands-on experience in their field. To provide a community and build interest for students through events. To provide resources for academic excellence.

MEETINGS DAYS: Thursdays, Room 1612 from 12pm - 1pm

President Filberto Garcia Nunez fili4395@gmail.com
Vice-President Louis Kwong thedarkevoided@gmail.com
Secretary Katia-luis Diaz katia5443@hotmail.com
Financial Officer Sumit Singh sumitpower19@gmail.com
Director of Engineering Jason Rollo rolloututoring@gmail.com
Advisor Daniel Quigley dquigley@chabotcollege.edu

Excelencia Latinx Folk Dance

To create a community by promoting Latin History, celebrating cultural relativism, and spreading awareness through performance. Our purpose is to teach, and promote cultural empowerment to the community/ All while, focusing on the psychological and physical benefits that participants will be

MEETINGS DAYS: Monday, Friday & Saturday, Room 2930 from 6pm - 8:30pm

President Jasmin Castaneda castaneda.jasmin101@gmail.com
Financial Officer Jean Paul Leyva jean.resengar@gmail.com
Secretary Secretary dianammoreno16@gmail.com
Costume Director Carla Jimenez-Alston carlita.alston@gmail.com
Member Rebecca Castaneda bekanator420@gmail.com
Advisor Javier Espinoza Barajas jespinoza@chabotcollege.edu


For the Cross (FX)

To build up the Christians on campus and bring the gospel to those who do not know it.

MEETINGS DAYS: Thursday, From 12pm - 1:20pm, Room 1803


President Luke Williams write4him258@gmail.com
Vice-President Lindsey Finn lyndesyfinn180@gmail.com
Financial Officer Shannon FitzGerald starburst907@me.com
Officer Joshua Ferrer ferrer.joshua@gmail.com
Event Manager Hannah Ashkenasy hannahshkenasy@yahoo.com
Advisor Cheri Calcagno ccalcagno@chabotcollege.edu

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

The purpose of this organization shall be to come together and host events and discuss gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues in a safe and open space, to educate the school and community, to learn about homophobia, and put an end to discrimination.

Chabot_GSA (Instagram, Twitter)
Chabot Gay-Straight Alliance (Facebook)

MEETING DAYS: Tuesday & Thursdays, Room 1613 from 12pm - 1pm

President Mimi Maier midmaier@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Financial Officer Angela Munoz  munoz.angelahmc@gmail.com
Member Erika Macedo  erikamacedo41@gmail.com
Member Erika Macedo  erikamacedo41@gmail.com
Member Zyaaya Martins  zyaayamartins@gmail.com
Advisor Joshua Telles jtelleschabotcollege.edu


Indigenous People's Club

The purpose of the Indigenous People's Club is to create visibility and build a healthy community for student of all indigenous heritage at Chabot College. We also aim to increase equal access to academic and career success.

MEETING DAYS: Thursday, Room 811 12pm - 1:00pm

President Kelli Rutherford kellirutherford1@gmail.com
Vice-President Nicole Atchely pomonicole@gmail.com
Secretary Saul Sanchez  sasapo8755@gmail.com
Financial Officer Oswaldo Martin oswaldomartin27@gmail.com
ICC-Representative Andrea Salazar asalsar118111@yahoo.com
Advisor Veronica Martinez vmmartinez@chabotcollege.edu

International Club of Chabot College

To provide a common meeting place for the International Students of Chabot College to explore, learn about and educate fellow students of the diverse cultures present at Chabot College. Membership is open to all currently enrolled Chabot College students.

MEETING DAYS: Thursday, Room 505 12pm - 12:50pm


President Yiren (Irene) Wei yxwei0008@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Vice-President Savanna Tran svtran0003@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Secretary Julian Gomez  julian.oscar.gomez@gmail.com
Financial Officer Allan Zhou allanzhou15@yahoo.com
ICC-Representative Darrell Salamida darrellsalamida@gmail.com
Advisor Sean Day sday@chabotcollege.edu 

Independent Guerrilla Productions

The purpose of Independent Guerilla Productions is to illuminate any and all aspect of the human condition; inspire people to share and empathize with others.

MEETING DAYS: Fridays, Room "SKYPE" 3pm - 4pm

President Brandon Castro bcastro.avalos@gmail.com
Financial Officer Lorenzo Caballero ljcaballero@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Advisor Tom Lothian tlothian@chabotcollege.edu

KCRH Radio DJ Club

MEETING DAYS: Wednesday, Building 2325 from 2:45pm - 4:30pm
Website: www.KCRHradio.com

President Lorenzo Caballero ljcaballero@zonemail.com
Vice-President Angela Odis angelaodis@gmail.com
Secretary Robert Knox III hypeink92@gmail.com
Financial Officer Anthony Wilson timtrugee@gmail.com
ICC-Representative Sonny Alvarado dynnos.kcrh89.9@gmail.com
Advisor Chad Mark Glen cglen@chabotcollege.edu

Kpop Club

To explore Korean pop music and Korean Culture through language, song and dance.

MEETING DAYS: Tuesday, Room 2338 from 12pm - 1pm

President Darrenn Salamida darrennsalamida@gmail.com
Vice-President Robyn Stewart chulziant@gmail.com
Secretary Darrenn Salamida darrennsalamida@gmail.com
Financial Officer Julian Serrano julianserrano@gmail.com
ICC-Representative Yiren (Irene) Wei ire22255@gmail.com
Advisor Sean Mcfarland smcfarland@chabotcollege.edu


Law and Justice Club

The purpose of the Law and Justice Club is to promote interest and understanding of the law and the criminal justice system by offering a wide variety of programs and activities.

MEETING DAYS: 2nd and 4th Thursday, Room 405, 12pm - 1pm

President Veronica Pena veropena0513@gmail.com
Vice-President Shante Thomas shantethomas97@gmail.com
Secretary Krista Campos kcampis8701@yahoo.com
Financial Officer Ben Sebastian eaglescoutben612@gmail.com
ICC Representative Sandra Turchan sandraturchan1@gmail.com
Academic Chair Nicolas Ortiz lingy2126@gmail.com@gmail.com
Social Chair Andrew Bueno andrewbueno6969@gmail.com
Alumni Chair Rebecca Guptill cuzinsbrattt@gmail.com
Advisor Cheryl Mackey cmackey@chabotcollege.edu

Minorities in Math (M.I.M)

To help students succed in their stem majors but specifically in math by creating a community where all students feel comfortable

MEETING DAYS: Mondays & wednesday, Room 2005, 12pm - 1pm

President Marcos Lopez mxlopez0046@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Vice-President Saul Sanchez sasapo8755@yahoo.com
Secretary Stephanie Torres stephanietoress131@gmail.com
Financial Officer Allen Hernandez hdz2011@gmail.com
I.C.C. Representative Nicholas Saquilayan nicholas.saquilayan@gmail.com
Advisor Leticia Reyes lreyes@chabotcollege.edu


Nesians Unite

Nesians Unite's purpose is to raise awareness of the Pacific Islander population here on Chabot's campus. We strive not only to support our communities, but to also educate our neighbors about our cultures and its traditions. Nesians include the islands of Polynesia, Melanesia, and Micronesia. As a club, we support in building the bridge to transfer on in higher education by providing counseling services, resources, and networking opportunities.

We stand in solidarity with communities of color through embracing our cultural and traditional values as a community. Through unity, faith, and resiliency, we will rise together. Peace!

MEETING DAYS: Every Thursday, Student Initiative Center (Room 2338), 11:30am - 1pm

President Taufa Setefano tsetefano95@gmail.com
Vice-President Amelia Sete seteameila@gmail.com
Financial Officer Jessica Finau jessicafinau22@gmail.com
Micronesian Queen/Secretary Maya Toluk Ito outriggeegal@gmail.com
Tongan Queen/Assistant Secretary Asinate Samate natesamate@gmail.com
ICC Representative Arasi Hamilton arasi.jovanna@gmail.com
Advisor Michael Lai mlai@chabotcollege.edu

Student Nurse Association (SNA)

Raise funds for graduating class (c2018) pinning ceremony in May, 2018 and to support incoming and current nursing students throughout the program.

MEETING DAYS: 3rd Thursdays, Room 3102, 12pm - 1pm

President Marie Schwindler mischwindler@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Vice-President Angela King-Jardin ajkingjardin@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Secretary Paige Gash plgash@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Financial Officer Jennifer Reis jreis0002@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Social Chair Ronnisha Jordan rajordan0001@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Advisor Elaine Bairdi ebairdi@chabotcollege.edu
Advisor Connie Telles ctelles@chabotcollege.edu

Chabot Physics Club

To provide a common meeting place for the International Students of Chabot College to explore, learn about, and educated fellow students of the diverse cultures presented at Chabot College. Membership open to all Chabot College students.

MEETING DAYS: Monday (Every other), Room 1806 from 12pm - 1pm

President Elicia Tiano eliciakemiltiano@gmail.com
Vice-President Tomas Jimenez tjiminez17@gmail.com
Secretary Thomas Noble tcn863@gmail.com
Financial Officer Juan Carrasco jcarrasco.student@gmail.com
ICC-Representative Jerrod Bolden jerrod.bolden22@gmail.com
Advisor Scott Hildreth shildreth@chabotcollege.edu

Puente Club

To act as a unity bridge by creating a stroner commmunity amonst new and returning students. To help our college and local communities through volunteering and fundraising. To actively learn and celebrate Latino/Chicano and Indigenous Culture.

MEETING DAYS: Every Tuesday, Room 852, 12pm - 1pm

President Juliet N. Garcia juliuetngg@gmail.com
Vice-President Danea Villegas dannyp2212@yahoo.com
Financial Officer Angelica Trejo angelicatrejo2804@gmail.com
ICC Representative Guillermo Ledezma memodenegocio@gmail.com
Advisor Sandra Genera sgenera@chabotcollege.edu

The Read a Damn Book Club

To encourage students who lack the motivation or focus for a reading habit to develop one and reach a new understanding about literature.

MEETING DAYS: Friday, Room 198, 11:30am - 1:00pm

President Dylan Kelleher kelleherdylan@gmail.com
Lord Commander Jacob Millfelt millfeltjacobthebest@gmail.com
Secretary of Defense Savannah Cyrus  
Financial Officer Christina Martinez-Fragoso clmartinezfragoso@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Commander in Chief Merissa Washalaski Merissawashalaski33@gmail.com
Advisor Homera Foth hfoth@chabotcollege.edu

(RAGE) Revolutionaries Advocating for Greener Ecosystems

Sustainable practice through community service and student-led initiative.

MEETING DAYS: Friday, Room 198, 11:30am - 1:00pm

President Sasha Durst sashadurst@gmail.com
Vice-President Enya Daang enya.daang@gmail.com
Secretary Yemi Grace Mock yemigm@gmail.com
Financial Officer Mangesh Darke mdarke93@gmail.com 
ICC-Representative Krissi Alari krissialari@gmail.com 
Advisor Sean McFarland smcfarland@chabotcollege.edu

SACNAS at Chabot College

The goal of our organization is to provide the students of Chabot - Las Positas Community College District with local and national forums, guidance, resources and professional growth on today's vastly changing industries of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


President Efrain (Carlos) Cuellar efrain.c.cuellar@gmail.com
Vice-President --Internal Affairs Nathaniel Islas nathanielislas@gmail.com
Chief Communication Officer Firaol Sisay Midekssa firaolmidekssa2@gmail.com
Financial Officer Jose Luis Rodriguez jlr1995@gmail.com
Public Relation Officer Brittanie North jasonharper90@gmail.com
Member Elliot Calderon calderonelliott838@gmail.com
Advisor 1 Antonio Gonzalez agonzalez@chabotcollege.edu
Advisor 2 Timothy Dave tdave@chabotcollege.edu

Chabot Smash Club

The Chabot Smash Club aims to build and grow a friendly, welcoming environment through the means of gaming, primarily through the game "Super Smash Bros." There is an emphasis on competitive gaming and encouraging people to practice and compete in tournaments alongside fellow members.

MEETING DAYS: Thursday, 4:30pm - 8pm, Room 801

President Mitchee Costelo mitchcostelo@gmail.com
Vice President DJ Mondragon damondragon@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Financial Officer Kyle Arenas  Kyruken@gmail.com
Coordinator Alex Jimenez aj.twentyone@gmail.com
Social Media & Communications Rep. Roger Abellan roger23245@gmail.com
Advisor Keiko Yukama kyukama@chabotcollege.edu

Stay Woke Collective

The Stay Woke Collective is looking at creating new horizons of power and hope, of multiculturalism and multilingual tongues. It is a movement to engage students/community members on local and global issues. We want to create a safe space for Youth of color to feel comfortable using their voices in creating a support system if unity and empowerment, while promoting ethnic solidarity.

MEETING DAYS: Mondays, 2:00pm- 3pm, El Centro Conference Room (Building 707 South)

President Maria Ramos ramosmaria613@gmail.com
Financial Officer Salimah Shabazz msmakaveli1996@yahoo.com
ICC Representative Stephanie Contreras stephaniemcontreras@gmail.com
Advisor Kay Fischer kfischer@chabotcollege.edu

Striving Black Brothers Coalition

The purpose of S.B.B.C. is to promote academic and extracurricular programs, and to enhance and increase knowledge and appreciation of cultural diversity.

MEETING DAYS: Thursdays, Room 200 (Board Room), 5pm - 7pm

President Darren Theard Darrentheard@gmail.com
Vice President Orobosa Ogbeide Orobosaobeide@yahoo.com
Financial Officer Mathew Abiola mavenareo@gmail.com
Secretary Gerald Easterling geraldeasterling@gmail.com
ICC Representative Eric Webb ewebb457@gmail.com
Advisor Art Barboza abarboza@chabotcollege.edu

Vietnamese-American Association

To expose Vietnamese culture to students who are interested in it; to help new Vietnamese students to be successful.

MEETING DAYS: Room 1756 Thursday every month, 12pm - 1pm

President Minh Nguyen minhnguyen_93@hotmail.com
Vice-President Tran Nguyen sallynguyen1116@gmail.com
Secretary Kim Dinh kimdinh203@gmail.com
Financial Officer Van Nguyen vannguyen010912@gmail.com
ICC Representative Tu Pham ttpham0030@zonemail.clpccd.edu
Advisor Linda T. Phan lphan@chabotcollege.edu

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