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How to start a club/organization on campus

The following information is designed to guide you through some vital processes that you will need to know to ensure the operation of your club. If, after reading through this information, you still have questions, concerns, or comments feel free to contact the Student Life Office (510) 723-6914

  1. To create a club/student organization here at Chabot, you will need a Club Registration Packet. Please type you application.
  2. Each club requires 5 officers, and a faculty Advisor or a Classified employee.
  3. The minimum requirements to be a club officer are: good academic standing, enrolled in at least 5 units, and a 2.0 GPA or better
  4. Please note that at the moment, students who have not completed units at Chabot are not eligible to serve as a club officer
  5. Once the application is complete, turn it in to the Student Life Office (RM 2355)
  6. Upon approval by the Student Life Office the club will receive a confirm email.







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