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What would free community college education mean to you?

Letter to the Whitehouse - "What Chabot College Did for Me"

"This morning, actor and filmmaker Tom Hanks sent the following message to the White House email list, recalling his time at Chabot College — a community college in Hayward, California. In his email, Tom explains how Chabot College made him who he is today, and why community college should be an option for more hardworking Americans." - Whitehouse.gov

Chabot College is a rambling series of academic buildings situated on 94 acres in Hayward, California. It offers more than 100 associate degrees and certificates, an intercollegiate national championship-winning ultimate disc team, and parking for a couple thousand cars. It's also my alma mater.

Chabot's a community college — and in the early 1970s, it was all free, save for the effort you put into it and the price of used textbooks.

As a student there, I went to school alongside Vietnam vets, moms, and middle-aged men, as well as a few thousand young people like me who needed time to sort out our lives and our options. We were looking to get our general education requirements out of the way, to learn skill sets to improve our employment prospects, or to discover the road to new, unimagined careers. We all found a different home at Chabot, but it welcomed all of us.

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What would free community college education mean to you?


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