ACE Learning Community

DSPS: ACE Learning Community


COMING SOON! - Proposed course plan below

A new initiative for Chabot DSPS, starting soon, is the new DSPS: ACE Learning Community! Below you can find the roadmap of classes for this learning community, the goal of which is to help students achieve marketable skills in the pursuit of independence and self-sufficiency.

Students in the learning community will have many benefits, such as the opportunity to participate in specialized workshops and internships. A primary goal of the ACE Learning Community will be to equip students with life and job readiness. 

To reach this goal, there are multiple outside partners assisting in this initiative, including:

See below for the outline plan of the Learning Community. If you are interested applying to this ACE Learning Community, please fill out this DSPS: ACE Learning Community Application.

Year One 

Summer Semester

  • PSCN 24 Personal Growth 

Fall Semester

  • PSCN 20 College Experience
  • PSCN 24 Personal Growth 

Spring Semester

  • LNSK 100 Keyboarding
  • PSCN 24 Personal Growth 

After the first year, students join the Able Disabled Club. 

Year Two 

Fall Semester

  • LNSK 101 Adapted Microsoft Writing
  • LNSK 118A Reading and Writing
  • LNSK 120 Study Strategies 

Spring Semester

  • LNSK 118B Reading and Writing
  • LNSK 120 Study Strategies
  • PSCN 10 Career and Planning 

Year Three 

Fall Semester

  • LNSK 119 Mathematics
  • LNSK 121 Study Strategies
  • BUS 43 Personal Financial Planning
  • SERV 85A Learning in Action 

Spring Semester

  • BUS 50J Time Management Skills
  • SERV 85B Learning in Action 

Year Four 

Fall Semester

  • BUS 50K Listening Skills
  • BUS 50N Dealing with Difficult People
  • SERV 85C Learning in Action 

Spring Semester

  • BUS 50 Resume and Job Application Letter
  • SERV 85D Learning in Action 


For more information, Contact Dennis Cambara and/or Linda Phan