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The NEW DSPS "Basic Employability Preparation"
Certificate of Proficiency is Now Active!

A new initiative for Chabot is the recently approved Certificate of Proficiency for basic employment preparation!

Below you can find the options for classes in this learning community, the goal of which is to help students achieve marketable skills in the pursuit of independence and self-sufficiency.

Students in this course of study will have many benefits, such as the opportunity to participate in specialized workshops and internships, as well as earn a certificate. A primary goal of achieving this certificate will be to equip students with life and job readiness. 

To reach this goal, there are multiple outside partners assisting in this initiative, including:


The timing of what classes to take when, and how many per semester, is something the student will work out idnividually with their DSPS counselor. As far as expected learning outcomes:

Upon the completion of the program the student should be able to:
  1. Develop college and job readiness skills.
  2. Demonstrate healthy behaviors in personal, social, and employment interactions.

The core and electable classes include:

  • Core requirements (6-7 units):
    • PSCN 10, Career and Education Planning (2.0 units)
    • PSCN 20, The College Experience (2.0 units)
    • PSCN 24, Personal Growth (1.0 unit) - OR - PSCN 12, Self-Esteem for Success (2.0 units)
    • Serv 85, Learning in Action: Beginning (1.0 unit)
  • List A (select 3 units)
    • BUS 50C, Interviewing for Success (1.0 unit)
    • BUS 50D, Resumes and Job APplication Letters (1.0 unit)
    • BUS 50J, Time Management Skills (1.0 units)
    • BUS 50K, Listening Skills (1.0 units)
    • BUS 50L, Careers in Business (1.0 units)
    • BUS 50M, Workplace Diversity (1.0 units)
    • BUS 50N, Dealing with Difficult People (1.0 units)
    • BUS 50P, Quality Customer Service (1.0 units)

The full certificate description can be found on the certificate requirement webpage:  Basic Employability Preparation - Certificate of Proficiency

For more information, Contact Dennis Cambara and/or Linda Phan