New DSPS Students

Four Steps to Become A DSPS Student (Abbreviated Version)

Get connected with DSPS for Academic Accommodations

Assuming you have already gone through CCC Apply and become a Chabot student with a w# (your student ID#), the next steps to receive DSPS accommodations are:

  • Step 1: Submit Disability Verification to DSPS
    • Most often an IEP or 504 plan, if coming directly from high school
    • If you don't have one of these, ask us about other ways of providing/getting verification
  • Step 2: Create an appointment with a DSPS counselor.
  • Step 3: Complete the other Chabot requirements
    • FAFSA, Orientation, Math & English assessment, and Title IX
      • See expanded instructions below for links
  • Step 4: Attend DSPS counseling appointment
    • Get an SEP (Student Education plan)
      • This is a checklist of what classes to take when, to achieve your college goal
    • Get college-level accommodations
      • These are different than high school accommodations, your DSPS counselor will explain them
    • Select and register for classes 
      • We will help you with this!

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