Student Voices

Student Voices: Disability Experiences Made Personal

This page has been created specifically to give voice to the student experience of navigating the educational world, while also living and learning with a disability.

The resources on this page are to increase disability awareness, personal understanding, and inclusive pedagogical practices for and acceptance of people with disabilities in general.

This page is for love, equity, and oneness.

Sam's poem, titled "Disability Poetry," is a beautiful and intimate window into the internal dialogue and Feather dissolving into small birds, with the text "Poetry of the Self"experiences of someone dealing with and overcoming Autism, ADHD, and anxiety all at the same time. It is raw, and powerful, and real. Please invest a few moments getting to know Sam through her poem.

Disability Poetry, by Samantha Rosenthal

(posted with permission)

The booklet, Soapbox Chronicles, is a brief but intense interview with students from the spring 2019 class on Chabot College's LNSK 116 class, wherein the students revealed the things they desCover of The Soapbox Chroniclesperately wish their teachers knew about them - their struggles, their triumphs, their hopes and wishes, and what school is like when you have a Learning Disability. Lovingly championed and brought to life by Lisa Carlsen, the Instructional Assistant in the LNSK 116 classes, and in collaboration with Chabot students in the Student Initative Center (SIC), headed by Sean McFarland and Eric Heltzel, this was truly a collaborative project. In addition to the PDF booklet linked below, it was also printed in hard copy format, distributed across campus, and the individual student pages were printed as posters and displayed across campus at numerous events in many locations. It was an amazing project that continues to give to the Chabot campus, and now to all of you, wherever you might be.
Soapbox Chronicles, a Chabot LNSK and Student Initiative Center (SIC) collaboration
  • Soapbox Chronicle posters in Bldg 200
  • Soapbox Chronicle posters in Bldg 200
  • Soapbox Chronicle posters in Bldg 400
  • Soapbox Chronicle posters in Bldg 700
  • Soapbox Chronicle posters in Cesar Chavez Courtyard
  • Soapbox Chronicle posters in Cesar Chavez Courtyard

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution, is a Netflix documentary on the lives and experiences of camp partipants CripCamp screenshotat Camp Jened in New York, in the early 1970s. The students that attended this camp, abled and differently-abled alike,  were at the forefront of the Disability Revolution, and key participants in getting multiple legal victories won, including the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). This film is something everyone should watch, to get a glimpse into the struggles these dedicated and determined individuals with disabilities have gone through to achieve the Civil Rights everyone with a disability now has. The phrase "Nothing about us, without  us" came from this movement, and the film is a must-watch for anyone with any interest in the development of the Disability Rights side of Civil Rights.

Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution, graciously posted to YouTube by NetFlix

Why R Is For Respect, is a an essay on why it's never OK to use the "R" word. 

Why R is for respect

Why R Is For Respect


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