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Upcoming Events

Fall 2023 Accessibility Awareness Day

October 26, 2023
11:30 to 1:00pm
Cesar Chavez Courtyward


ALL Special Programs Graduation Celebration!

May 11th, 2023
6pm to 8pm
Cesar Chavez Courtyard
Event Flyer


Spring 2023 Accessibility Awareness Day

April 13, 2023
11am to 1pm
Cesar Chavez Courtyard


Previous Events

DSPS New Student Orientation

August 10 from 3:30 - 5:00pm
Cesar Chavez Courtyard / Zoom  Learn more



Friday, May 27th @ Reed L. Buffington Performing Arts Center

All Special Programs End of Year Celebration

Thursday, May 19th @ 6pm in Cesar Chavez Plaza

Photos coming Fall 2022!

DisAbility Awareness Day

Tuesday - May 3, 2022

Photos coming Fall 2022!

Fall 2021 Welcome Days

DSPS_2021_Fall_WelcomeDays1 DSPS_2021_Fall_WelcomeDays2

2020 - 2021 Posed a massive challenge for all of Special Programs!  These photos and
End-of-Year video reflect the pandemic in full swing.

DSPS_2020_Halloween 2021_Spring_VaxCampaign_thomas


2021 DSPS Graduation Celebration video



Congratulations again graduates and scholarship winners, great job!

DisAbility Awareness Day 2019

Thursday - October 17, 2019

More photos coming Summer 2022!

DSPS_2019_DADay1 DSPS_2019_DADay2

DisAbility Awareness Day 2018

Thursday - October 18, 2018

More photos coming Summer 2022!

DSPS_2018_DADay1 DSPS_2018_DADay2
DSPS_BlackScholars_1 DSPS Black Scholars 3
DSPS event 2016 DSPS event 2016
DSPS event 2016 DSPS event 2016
DSPS Event 2016 DSPS Event 2016
DSPS_2016_Grad2 DSPS_2016_Grad3
DSPS_Events_2016-2017_1 DSPS_Events_2016-2017_2
DSPS_Events_2016-2017_3 DSPS_Events_2016-2017_4