DSPS High Tech Lab

The High Tech Lab at Chabot College has the following adaptive software:

Kurzweil 3000: This programs assist students by letting them use a scanner to input textbooks or any other printed text into the computer, which it will then convert into an accessible format via OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and read back to them (Text to Speech). It also allows for the control of the reading voice and speed, as well as visual elements like the color of the font and background.

Screen Readers: Software programs that “read the screen” (TTS, or Text to Speech), making most types of software and the Internet accessible. 


CCTV computer

Screen Magnifiers: The High Tech Lab uses MAGic for magnification of visual elements.

There are also CCTVs which can be used both for magnifying textbooks and changing the color scheme, to black and white, or high-contrast color combinations. Some of the CCTVs are also used as computer monitors, and allow for split-screen usage, for textbook magnification and computer monitor use at the same time.

Dragon Naturally Speaking: A voice recognition program (Speech to Text) that makes it possible for students who cannot use a keyboard to write papers without assistance.