Solidarity Statements

Solidarity and Support Statements


Events in our nation too numerous to mention have historically and repeatedly shown racial discrimination, bias, fear, and hate. Multiple recent events of individuals attacked and lives lost, made known via video recordings, have pulled back the thin veil keeping these events from the forefront of public consciousness. As such, a large portion of this country, and the world, has said enough is enough, the prejudice, discrimination, profiling, inequitable treatment, and injustice must end. There must be equity for all, and there must be justice for all. This is a surging movement, and only the first wave has come ashore.


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Chabot DSPS Supports

Black Students

In support of the long overdue social earthquake that began sweeping the country in 2020, Chabot College Disabled Students Programs and Services team affirms that we stand in solidarity with our black community: students, faculty and staff, administrators, and all other members of our educational family. We hear you, and we support you. There must be a foundational shift, a true structural change at the heart of our country, our educational system, our policing system, and most importantly, within ourselves. We collectively must not settle for token words or facades of change. We cannot settle for tolerance, as tolerance is not equality. All lives can’t matter if black lives don’t. So, we loudly proclaim that Black Lives Matter, for their lives are the ones that are hurting, that are afflicted, and are in need of justice.

Words alone are not, nor ever can be, enough. Stating what we are against, is not enough. We must declare what we are for, and we must follow our declarations with actions. We must not settle for complacency in discomfort, but be motivated to action and equity. We must hold ourselves, and each other, accountable to our collective future, by improving the now. To this goal we wholeheartedly agree with and support the collective student voice demanding Racial Justice and Equity, for both quantitative and qualitative change. This includes better access to counselors, tutors, and peer mentors, dedicated space and financial resources, and programs to increase black student success and academic excellence.
As a team, DSPS commits to personal and departmental training and involvement for black student excellence and support.

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Chabot DSPS Supports

Asian & Pacific Islander Students

The Chabot College DSPS Program stands in solidarity and support of our Asian, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students, classified professionals, faculty, administrators, and members of our community. We want you to know we are here to support you, and we condemn current and past waves of violence against any and all members of AAPI communities. This ongoing prejudice and violence against AAPI individuals, in connection with the COVID pandemic, is senseless and baseless, and must stop.
The history of prejudice, violence, and hate against individuals and communities of Asian descent reaches far back in our history. Whether it is against women, elderly, children, or men, and regardless if it is physical, verbal, or emotional, it must end. Regardless of skin-color, place of origin or birth, belief, way of life, socioeconomic position, sex, age, or any other differentiators we might see, we are all worthy of respect, consideration, and honor as human beings.
As a student support program, and as individuals, Chabot College DSPS is committed to supporting, listening to, and being present for all of our students, and in this moment, our AAPI students in particular. If there is any way we can help you, listen to you, or support you, please do not hesitate to reach out.

In addition, we also support and stand with our students that are of a Latinx background, that are members the LGBTQI+ community, that are both documented and undocumented, that are of a middle Eastern background, that are indigenous, that are victims of prejudice for their religious beliefs, and all members of oppressed people groups that have ever experienced anything less than full support and dignity in this world.

However dark the night, dawn comes every morning. This particular night of injustice and prejudice has been exceedingly long, but despite the darkness we have lived in, hope still stands. We are what we repeatedly do, so let us choose to be loving, let us choose to be kind, let us choose to be better.