Student Resources - Assistive Technology Hardware

Assistive Technology Hardware

In the Accessibility Center for Education, building 2400, the DSPS has several assistive technology hardware products, some of which students may check out on a loan basis. We have:




Desktop magnifiers, or CCTV’s (closed circuit televisions), are ideal for low vision users. They use a camera to project a magnified image onto a monitor. The cameras are equipped with a zooming technology (either manual or automatic) that allows the user to set specific magnification and focus between the item being viewed and the videos monitor.

CCTV monitor product logo

Safetype keyboard photo

Adaptive Keyboards


Adaptive computer keyboards are ideal for users who cannot type with a standard keyboard. We have a SafeType vertical keyboard. 

Adaptive Mice


Adaptive computer mice are ideal for users who cannot type with a standard mouse. We have a few different types of computer mice, including a vertical mouse, Logitech rollerball mice and others. 

Adaptive vertical computer mouse

Perkins Brailler machine photo

Perkins Braillers


The most widely used mechnical braille writer in the world since its invention in 1951. Braille output conforms to American National Library Service for the Blind Size and Spacing Standard. We have multiple units in stock. 

Ubiduo 2


Wireless text-based communication device where both individuals type in real time and can convey emotions with their facial expressions. Hinge technology holds the two halves securely in place for easy transportation, and its 8-hour battery life ensures you won’t be left stranded in the middle of those important conversations. This unit is only for use in the ACE (Accessibility Center for Education, building 2400).

Ubiduo 2 photo

Roger Phonak Pen photo

Roger Phonak Pen


Roger Pen transmits ambient audio directly into your ears. The system consists of three main elements:  your hearing aid, Roger receivers and a Roger Pen. Can also be used for phone calls and used in conjunction with the 

Victor Reader VIBE Kit


Victor Reader Vibe is an older model Daisy player designed for the visually impaired and print disabled. Plays MP3s and audio CDs. We have multiple units in stock.

Victor reader VIBE product photo




AT Product Websites

  •  MaxiAids com. For more than 35 years, MaxiAids has been a source for thousands of innovative products designed to assist blind, low vision or visually impaired, deaf, hard-of-hearing, seniors, children with special needs, veterans, and those with mobility issues.

  • NorthState AT. NorthState Assistive Technology is dedicated to enhancing the independence of blind, vision-impaired and cognitively challenged individuals through adaptive technology. They offer hundreds of products that improve the quality of customer's lives.