Our Programs Help Students With ...

Paying for College

Get money for textbooks in these programs:

     CalFresh E&T  CalWORKS  EOPS & CARE  GSP  HPN

Get financial aid assistance in these programs:

Tutoring & Study Groups

Tutoring and/or study groups are provided in these programs.
Check their website for subjects, schedule and availability.

Getting Priority Registration

Want to get an earlier registration date so you can get the classes you want before it's full?
If so, then first, complete your: online orientation, assessment/placement, and student education plan.
Then apply and join one of these programs:

Transferring to a 4-year University

Explore, plan and prepare for transferring to a 4-year university or college with all of our programs:

Career Counseling

Research career paths or find the educational requirements needed to pursue your dream job with the following pograms:

Academic Counseling

We help students pursue their occupational certificates, associate degrees, transfer and more, at the following programs:

Parenting and Working Students

For students with children, the following programs have childcare support:


For students working full-time, visit the PACE program.



Support for Undocumented

We are proud partners of the DREAM Team in supporting undocumented students in our programs: 

Diversity and Inclusion

All of our programs supports and promotes diversity and inclusion, including these: