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Business Administration


List and Catalog Descriptions of General Business, Management, and Health Care Management Courses (Go to to review the course outlines)

Business 10 - Business Law (4 units)

Legal setting in which business operates, with emphasis on legal reasoning and resolution, contracts, torts, intellectual property, agency and employment law, partnerships and corporations.

Requisites: none.

Business 12 - Introduction to Business (3 untis)

Survey of the private enterprise system and basic business concepts, business economics, types of business ownership, ethics, globalization, and organizational functions (management, marketing, accounting, human resources, and finance). Provides a multidisciplinary examination of how culture, society, economic systems, legal, international, political, financial institutions, and human behavior interact to influence an organization's policies and practices within the U.S. and a global environments.

Requisites: none.

Business 14 - Business Communications (3 units)

Theory and application of written and oral communications in a professional business environment: organization of messages, editing for tone and polish, presentation techniques, meeting management, job search communications.

Strongly Recommended: ENGL 1A Eligibility

Business 15 - Business English (3 units)

Study of the English language from a business perspective, including grammar, punctuation, spelling, business vocabulary, and basic business document preparation.

Strongly Recommended: Eligibility for ENGL 1A (completed with a grade of "C" or higher).

Business 16 - Business Mathematics (3 untis)

Mathematics to solve typical business problems including banking, simple interest, compound interest, installment sales, trade and cash discounts, markup percents, pricing, discounting notes and drafts, payroll, insurance, statistics, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Prerequisite: None.

Business 20 - Business and Society (3 units)

Introduction to the American legal system, including both theoretical and practical perspectives on the relationship of law to individuals and society. Includes the U.S. Constitution, criminal law system, civil dispute resolution, consumer rights, interpersonal and property rights, and the laws of the workplace. If you are a Business major, take Business 10 instead of this course.

Requisites: none.

Business 21 - Human Resources Management (3 units)

Introduction to the management of human resources and an understanding of the impact and accountability to the organization in terms of human resource activities. Global human resource strategies, social and organizational realities, legal implications affecting people at work, union/non-union practices, comparable work, employee compensations, benefits, and employee rights.

Requisites: none.

Business 22 - Introduction to Management (3 untis)

Principles and concepts of traditional management tasks, contemporary management challenges including human relations, diversity, quality, social responsibility and ethics, the global environment, human resource management, business communications, competitiveness, motivation, leadership and teamwork.

Requisites: none.

Business 26 - Small Business Management (3 units)

Application of management principles to the selection, establishment, and operation of a small business. Emphasis on the problems encountered by the small manufacturer or merchant and their solutions.

Strongly Recommended: BUS 1A or , BUS 7.

Business 28 - Human Relations in the Workplace (3 units)

Business concepts of individual, group, and organizational human behavior as they affect human relations, performance, and productivity within the workplace. Strategies and techniques that influence communications, employee leadership and interactions among people—including cultural diversity and its impact—are explored.

Requisites: none.

Business 40 - International Business (3 units)

Exploration of major factors involved in developing international trade. An overview of globalization, its impact on both Western and non-Western societies, theories of global trade, monetary environment, foreign market analysis, sociocultural forces, global ethics, global political and economic institutions, and international operations. Emphasis on current events in the global business environment.

Requisites: none.

Business 42 - Green Business Practices (3 units)

Practical projects and activities to increase profitability and efficiency by becoming more socially and environmentally responsible and responding to changing cultural, economic, competitive, and legal imperatives embedded within the "green" initiatives.

Requisites: none.

Business 50 Series classes

Business 70 - Health Care Financial Management (3 units)

Overview of finance and accounting in health care organizations, including the financial structure of both for profit and non-profit healthcare organizations. Particular emphasis on private and third party payment systems, reporting requirements, accounts receivable management, budgeting, and resource allocation.

Strongly Recommended: BUS 1A.

Business 71 - Health Care Law (3 units)

Survey of the unique legal issues in health care, including HIPAA (patient privacy laws and regulations), Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement requirements, negligence/malpractice issues, advance directives, and employment law for medical staff and independent contractors.

Requisites: none.

Business 72 - Leadership of Health Care Organizations (3 units)

Survey of key issues and effective management approaches in health care organizations, including organizational structure and governance, information technology, facilities and guest services, planning, marketing and strategy.

Requisites: none.
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