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Business Administration


Marketing Preparation Skills (Adopted from

Recommended High School Level Background Courses

  • Psychology
  • Interpersonal Communications and Speech
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Composition
  • Business Management and Ownership
  • General Business and Marketing
  • Human Relations
  • Computer Applications

Basic Skills in the Program and on the Job


Materials used in the program include textbooks, journal articles, company policy manuals, and industry training materials. Textbooks are used as the central part of the course. Tests are based on a combination of textbook material, lectures, and subject specific simulations. Textbooks are written at the college level.

On the job, employees may be required to read from a variety of sources, including policy manuals, product literature, and budget, inventory and sales forms.


Speaking activities in the classroom include prepared speeches and sales presentations. On the job, speaking activities can include both sales and training presentations.

Writing activities, both in the program and on the job, are business-oriented, including the composing of memos, letters, and reports.


Basic math skills are required both in the program and on the job. A thorough knowledge of fractions, decimals, and percents is needed to calculate such items as markups, markdowns, taxes, sales receipts, commissions, and sales and expense budgets.


Both in the program and on the job, problem-solving is an essential critical thinking skill. Analyzing people, situations, products, and environments is required by students and employees alike.


In the program, students use computers for word processing to write papers and to create graphic designs in advertising and PowerPoint presentations. On the job, computers are also used to prepare sales bulletins and presentations.


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