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Business Administration



Research indicates that about one-third of the labor force is now employed in marketing.  Career opportunities in marketing are also expected to grow rapidly in the future.  Marketing careers offer flexibility, mobility, and pay to match your ability.   

Graduates of the program have become marketing managers, professional sales and customer service representatives, small business owners, buyers and merchandisers in the retail community.  They are also responsible for buying and selling product offerings, planning promotions and advertising and public relations campaigns.  The certificate may be completed either on campus or fully online.  All classes within the program will also apply toward an AS degree in Business, Marketing emphasis.



Business 36 (Introduction to Marketing) 3  
Business 12 (Introduction to Business) 3  
Business 14 (Business Communications) 3  
Business 1A (Financial Accounting) or Business 7 (Accounting for Small Business)   3-4

Business 34 (Introduction to Advertising)

Entrepreneurship 20 (Marketing for Entrepreneurs)   3

Select a minimum of three units from the following options:         

Business 16 (Business Mathematics):   3 units

Business 22 (Introduction to Management):   3 units

Business 32 (Retail Store Management):   3 units           

Business 40 (International Business):   3 units        

Business 50 series:  1 unit each             

Business 95/Work Experience 95 (Work Experience): 1-3 units

Business 96/Work Experience 96 ( Work Experience

      Seminar): 1 unit

Entrepreneurship 1 (Intro to Entrepreneurship): 3 units 

TOTAL   21-22

The above listing is a suggested sequence only.  Some courses may have prerequisites.  Students may take courses in any sequence except where a prerequisite applies.

Program-Learning Outcomes (PLOs):

  • 1.  Understand and apply the generally accepted accounting principles to prepare financial statements.
     Develop understanding of the law and the legal environment as it relates to business operations, including ethical considerations.
    Create effective oral and written business communications using modern communication technologies.
    Apply critical thinking and analytical skills in decision making and problem solving.


Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure for these programs

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