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PACE: Degree & Transfer Program for Working Adults!

For more information contact PACE at pace@chabotcollege.edu

For Summer & Fall 2017, the PACE Application period is closed.

HOWEVER, you can still take PACE classes!

We recommend that you enroll in PACE classes for Summer/Fall when they become unrestricted.  (Most PACE classes will still have open spaces on their unrestriction dates.) This way, you will be in PACE classes and participate in the PACE Learning Community although you will not be an "official" PACE student.  If you like your PACE classes, we hope you will then join us officially for the following semester by going through the PACE Application process when we resume PACE Orientations in Oct/Nov/Dec for full PACE status for Spring 2018.

To find PACE classes, click on "Summer 2017 PACE Classes" or "Fall 2017 PACE Classes" link on the left.  You can find unrestriction dates next to each Summer class or at the top of the Fall Class Schedule (or also on CLASS-Web immediately below each PACE class listing). Note: the Summer PACE Math Jam will not be unrestriced.

How to Apply   •   PACE Application



  • A multi-semester Learning Community for Working Adults
  • Designed for people who need their first two years of college General Education classes
  • Attend PACE classes evenings, Saturdays, and online
  • Take 1-3 PACE courses per semester for 4-8 semesters, plus one course in Summer
  • Ongoing Learning Community creates "college within a college" support
  • PACE classes include Anthropology, English, Health, History, Humanities, Geography, Math, Psychology, Sociology
  • Take PACE classes with other working people like you
  • No-fuss scheduling: classes are pre-selected
  • Instructors and PACE Counselor are dedicated to working with adult students
  • Certain majors are included; works best with Social Science, Liberal Arts, Behavioral Science, Human Development or Business majors (not designed for Nursing majors)
  • Complete your A.A. Degree & be ready to transfer in 3 years or less!
  • Earn a quality college education for only $46 per unit
  • Transfer to CSU East Bay's PACE Program or other colleges to complete your Bachelor's!

Interested? See "How to Apply for PACE" at left!


Meet the PACE community

Geri Leon Ncmt


Mireille Giovanola
PACE Coordinator
Building 400, Rm 401S

Julie Machado
PACE Counselor
Building 400, Rm 401B

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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 5/23/2017