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The Deadline for PACE Admission for Spring 2018 was December 5, 2017.

All PACE classes have been unrestricted as of 12/12/17,

so ANY student may enroll in any remaining open spaces.


If you want to join PACE but missed the deadline,

we recommend that you enroll in PACE classes for Spring,

and apply for full PACE status for the next semester.

Once classes start, you must see the Instructor to ask if you can Add.


Late-Start PACE classes:

·        Architecture 14-EP1 #31141 (Sat mornings) California Architecture  – Short-Term course: 2/3-5/5

·        Humanities 60-AP1 #31680 (Thurs eves) Creativity & the Community – short term course: 2/9-5/18

·        Health 1-0P1 #30213 (Tues eves; offered Spring semester only; alternates with Health 4 Online Hybrid with some Wed eve meetings, offered in Fall semester only)* Introduction to Health. Late-start course: 1/30-5/25

Questions? pace@chabotcollege.edu OR jmachado@chabotcollege.edu .

Please include your name and Chabot W# (if you have one).


If you need assistance using CLASS-Web or enrolling for classes,

see Student Online Services, Room 709


Spring 2018 PACE Admission Info

Earn your College Diploma via the Chabot PACE Program

PACE A.A. Degree & Transfer Program for Working Adults

 "PACE: Program for Adult College Education"

Chabot College’s PACE Degree & Transfer Program in Hayward  admissions for Spring 2018 classes starting in January 2018 is closed. All PACE classes are unrestricted so that anyone may enroll in any open spaces. Our next PACE Admissions period will be for Summer & Fall 2018 classes.


Multi-semester Learning Community

PACE offers evening and online classes in a comprehensive, multi-semester Learning Community which provides a streamlined pathway toward college graduation and CSU transfer.  PACE provides courses which satisfy both the A.A. Degree and CSU General Education transfer requirements, and offers two built-in majors requiring no additional classes.  We coordinate closely with the CSU East Bay PACE Program, although other degrees and transfer institutions are also available.


For Working Adults

PACE is especially good for people who work 9am-5pm and who wish to pursue degrees in Social Science, Education, or Business.  PACE is designed for students who are at or near the beginning of their college career, who have 0-20 units of general education classes already completed. 


Evening & Online Classes

PACE offers a combination of online and evening courses to meet both A.A. degree and CSU transfer requirements (for students who want to earn a Bachelor’s degree), and includes 18-23 courses; 1/3-1/2 of the classes can be done online.


How to Apply  

See www.chabotcollege.edu/PACE and follow the instructions “How to Apply for PACE”. Attending a 1-hour PACE Orientation is mandatory for admission to the program.  Allow 2-4 weeks to process PACE Applications.


PACE Orientations (choose one)

Tuesday October 10 at 6:30-7:30pm in Rm. 405 (Bldg. 400)

Wednesday October 25 at 6:30-7:30pm in Rm. 405 (Bldg. 400)

Thursday November 16 at 6:30-7:30pm in Rm. 405 (Bldg. 400)

Tuesday December 5 at 6:30-7:30pm in Rm. 405 (Bldg. 400)


We recommend:

  • Apply to Chabot College online at www.chabotcollege.edu prior to attending a PACE Orientation
  • Choose one Orientation to attend. Be on time and stay for the whole hour.  No RSVP is required.
  • Bring your completed PACE application with you (see www.chabotcollege.edu/PACE for application form)
  • Attend an earlier Orientation for best enrollment options.



The deadline for submission of PACE Applications for Spring 2018 Admission is December 5. Enrollment for Spring classes occurs in November & December, so early application (and PACE Orientation attendance) is strongly recommended.


See www.chabotcollege.edu/PACE • Questions? Contact PACE at PACE@chabotcollege.edu

How to Apply   •   PACE Application



  • A multi-semester Learning Community for Working Adults
  • Designed for people who need their first two years of college General Education classes
  • Attend PACE classes evenings, Saturdays, and online
  • Take 1-3 PACE courses per semester for 4-8 semesters, plus one course in Summer
  • Ongoing Learning Community creates "college within a college" support
  • PACE classes include Anthropology, English, Health, History, Humanities, Geography, Math, Psychology, Sociology
  • Take PACE classes with other working people like you
  • No-fuss scheduling: classes are pre-selected
  • Instructors and PACE Counselor are dedicated to working with adult students
  • Certain majors are included; works best with Social Science, Liberal Arts, Behavioral Science, Human Development or Business majors (not designed for Nursing majors)
  • Complete your A.A. Degree & be ready to transfer in 3 years or less!
  • Earn a quality college education for only $46 per unit
  • Transfer to CSU East Bay's PACE Program or other colleges to complete your Bachelor's!

Interested? See "How to Apply for PACE" at left!


Meet the PACE community

Geri Leon Ncmt


Mireille Giovanola
PACE Coordinator
Building 400, Rm 401S

Julie Machado
PACE Counselor
Building 400, Rm 401B

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    Phone: (510) 723-6600 | Last updated on 2/5/2018