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Picture of student weldingThe welding vocation is an art, revealed trough, it’s workforce personalized acquired skills and technical knowledge. More then 75 occupational titles listed by the U.S Department of Labor that includes some form of welding or welding-related activities. The basic welding skills are comparable across many industries, which enhances the ease and flexibility with which the welding workforce can swiftly respond to accommodate emerging work-market needs. It is estimated that between 30.000 to 55.000 new welders are needed each year to be trained in this country to meet the rising industrial demand. This figure does not include jobs lost do to retiring or career and job changes. It is our mission to assist and serve individuals wishing to fulfill their personal, educational and professional goals. This program’s intent is to provide the practical skills and technical knowledge required to be successful in the current industries associated with welding. The program is also focused on coaching students for potential welding career paths an/or a training upgrade.

Every semester has a well-balanced welding schedule with courses offered during the day, night, and even Saturdays to accommodate the needs of every potential student.

Picture of student welding

Picture of instructor welding