Classes Cancelled and College Offices Closed

Chabot-Las Positas College District will be closed through Sunday, November 18, 2018 due to poor regional air quality. All college and district offices will be closed, except for essential operations such as security/police and critical IT operations. Air quality will be monitored and decisions on any further action on closures will be forthcoming.

Communication Studies

Students of Communication Studies will demonstrate effective skills in written and oral communication. Communication Studies explores the complexity of human interaction. We encourage students to pursue and evaluate knowledge through the skills of inquiry, research, and critical thinking.

Our graduates move on to careers in:

• Human resources
• Public relations
• Advertising
• Journalism
• Law
• Hospitality and customer service
• Corporate training
• Politics

Many continue their education at the graduate and doctoral levels.

An Associate in Arts in Communication Studies for Transfer is a valuable asset for people in every industry. The National Association of Colleges and Employers, in a 2010 survey, ranked the top five desired candidate skills/qualities: communication skills, strong work ethics, analytical skills, teamwork, and technical skills.

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Communication Studies
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