Upcoming Shows

Emerging Work - a series of short original plays written, directed and performed by Chabot College Theater Arts students. An opportunity for students to express themselves and learn about the craft of doing theater. This fall we are presenting six plays:

Make the Forrest Great Again
Written and directed by Massimo Grelli

Through the Fire and Flame
Written by David Patino
Directed by Irwin Isidro

Written by Curtis Manning
Directed by Keoki Fernando

Written by Carlo Amuro
Directed by Peter Balinget

Profit Prophets
Written by Max O. Chang
Directed by Victor Davila

Food Truck Fusion
Written by Lauren Allen
Directed by Nana Owusu

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Buying Tickets

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All additional ticket sales are available at the door during the time of the show only.
For more information about our shows and admission, please contact Dov Hassan.

Upcoming Performances


Date Event Time Venue Admission
Wed 10/31/18 ¡CHEER! Story of a Dreamer: Preview 7:30pm Stage One

All Admission

Thu 11/01/18
Fri 11/02/18
Sat 11/03/18

¡CHEER! Story of a Dreamer

8:00pm Stage One $12
Wed 11/07/18 ¡CHEER! Story of a Dreamer 3:00pm Stage One $12
Thu 11/08/18
Fri 11/09/18
Sat 11/10/18
¡CHEER! Story of a Dreamer
8:00pm  Stage One  $12
Sun 11/11/18 ¡CHEER! Story of a Dreamer 2:00pm Stage One $12
Tue 12/04/18 
Sat 12/08/18
Emerging Work Fall  7:30pm Stage One  $7
Wed 04/10/19 In The Heights: Preview 8:00pm Stage One TBA
Thu 04/11/18
Fri 04/12/18
Sat 04/13/18
In the Heights 8:00pm Stage One TBA
Sun 04/14/18 In The Heights 2:00pm Stage One TBA
Wed 04/17/18 In The Heights 3:00pm Stage One  TBA
Thu 04/18/18
Fri 04/19/18
Sat 04/20/18
In The Heights 8:00pm Stage One  TBA
Tue 05/07/18
Sat 05/11/18
Emerging Work Spring 7:30pm Stage One  $7


Past Shows

During Fall 2018 in Stage One we presented a new play written by Theater Arts faculty Linda Amayo-Hassan titled ¡CHEER! Story of a Dreamer.

Cheer Poster

¡CHEER! Humanizes the experience of being undocumented in our country in these current times. The story centers on Erica, a Latina high school senior living in Hayward, who discovers she is undocumented while applying for college.

Beginning in the Obama years, then continuing to today, our current political/social struggle around immigration issues are the center of the play.

Starting on a light note, capturing the fun and ease of being a popular kid in school, with a boisterous group of cheerleaders serving as a kind of Greek chorus, the story quickly gets more serious as Erica discover the truth about her and her family’s status.