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We are an Accredited NATEF Master Technician Program
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Welcome to Chabot's AutoTech Website
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picture dividerAbout Chabot Automotive Technology:

The Chabot College Automotive Program provides necessary training opportunities to learn the skills needed to understand, diagnose and repair today’s vehicles. We are a NATEF Certified program giving students the same quality and breadth of training that many of the high cost automotive training programs advertise. As one of our students, you may have been working on cars all of your life, or you may have never picked up a tool, or opened a hood; our goal is to provide all students the skills necessary to understand, diagnose and repair a vehicle from the front bumper to the back bumper. Students learn basic theory of operation followed by hands on experience in a state-of-the-art repair facility. The Program is flexible and with a few classes you will have the skills needed to become a highly sought after auto technician, parts counter person or service writer if you choose to do so. Evening and day classes allow some of our students to find an entry level position and continue in the program while working full or part time in the industry, others just want to understand and repair their own vehicles. Chabot students train side by side with apprentices from local dealerships that use Chabot exclusively to train their apprentices and all students use current industry grade equipment that shops expect new hires to know how to use.

Program Overview:

The program consists of a core of vocational classes involving theory and practical skill development with emphasis on laboratory experiences simulating industry related tasks. The classes are taught in modern and well equipped automotive laboratories.

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