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We are an Accredited NATEF Master Technician Program
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Auto Lab Requirements
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The following Lab Policies have been developed to maintain high quality student learning opportunities, promote a safe learning environment, and to conform to industry and NATEF standards.

  1. All personnel will comply with Automotive Department and applicable Federal, State, and local safety regulations and abide by textbook and service literature safety precautions.
  2. All personnel will use safety glasses and other appropriate safety gear in areas so designated.
  3. No students will be allowed in the lab without proper supervision.
  4. Instructors are responsible for insuring that students gain proper shop experience in cleaning and maintaining the lab after each class period
  5. Students will use fender covers, seat covers and floor mats and assure that steering wheels, painted surfaces and all other parts of the vehicle are kept clean and protected from damage.
  6. All projects will have a current work order on file and will have a copy with the vehicle/project
  7. Live work projects are accepted only as relates to student learning and have a projected completion time within the appropriate instructional (class/lab) time. Live work projects will not be primary source for student learning and will be used to augment prior instruction.
  8. No major projects unless instructor approved.
  9. All vehicles will be secured and only instructor/staff or authorized students will have access to vehicle keys.
  10. Auto shop computers are to be used to access Mitchell, Alldata, Blackboard or other websites directly related to the repair work at hand. Students may not use them for any other purpose without specific authorization from the instructor.
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