Career Counseling

Are you wondering What career is right for me?

We can help you assess your career options with:

  1. Different career assessments. For a fee, you can take these assessments and your Counselor will review the results with you.
  2. The Career & Educational Planning (PSCN 10) course.

Additional information and resources are available at the Career Center.



Free resources for students:

College Central Network (CCN) provides access to hundreds of jobs, post your resumes and resources to improve your skills in interviews, resume building, career advice and more.



Learn about your career options through assessments, job listings, information on financial aid, universities, job outlook and more.


Job Research & Labor Market

Hundreds of occupations are described using skills, knowledge, interests, and activities, worker characteristics and occupational experience.  It also gives occupation specific tasks, job outlooks and salary ranges.



Career Guides

Health Professions

Helping Professions

Teaching Careers