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Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs

What about Drug or Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse is a widespread problem in our society. An estimated 14.8 million Americans are currently illicit drug users. †The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration gathers and reports statistics on alcohol, tobacco, and other drug issues that impact some†9.4 million people.

Chabot College Campus is dedicated to caring for its community's well-being by promoting a culture of safety and educated, legal, low-risk choices about alcohol and other drug use.††

For students seeking help for themselves or others with alcoholand other substance use/abuse/dependence issues, there are free, confidential, and compassionate†counseling services available on campus, as well as opportunities to elicit information from professionals regarding off-campus treatment options and support.† Often students simply wish to seek support in making lower-risk choices than they have done previously, or education about the effects of specific mood-altering chemicals.

Our Mental Health & Pscyhological Counselor/Interns†and Health†Educators provide all of these resources, as well as confidential phone consultation and/or†meetings.

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If you have questions regarding this information please contact ValJeŠn Dale, LMFT, Chabot College Mental Health Clinical Supervisor or call (510) 723-6615.