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Grief and Loss

What is Grief?

Grief and depression are normal responses to after the loss of a loved one. (OTher types of losses could include loss of health, a job, friendship, youthfulness, loss of physical abilities due to accident or illness, loss financial status, loss as a result of experiencing disaster, and more.)  However, complicated grief, a seriously debilitating condition with symptoms similar to both depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), affects about 10% to 20% of people grieving. While grief and depression are generally normal and adaptive responses to loss, in complicated grief the feelings of loss and disbelief do not go away after several months and become disabling, often for years. You are advised to seek professional counseling if you are experiencing a similar grief pattern. Professional counseling for individuals suffering with complicated grief show a much better response in bereaved individuals navigating through the grief process. If you are having trouble, it's not your fault.

The Mental Health and Psychological Counselor/Intern in the Student Health Center, as well as the other Health Center Professional can assist you.   While on campus, drop by the Student Health Center located in Bldg. 100, room 120 for assistance and referrals for community resources.
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