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Mood and Anxiety Disorders 
What about mood and anxiety?

It is natural to have and range of moods.  Our internal and external experiences directly influence our daily moods. Our personal coping skills allow us to appropriately cope with the moods and feelings. However, when certain moods begin to cause some adverse impact on our lives, over a period of time, that we should seek consultation.

There are a range of several mood disorders as defined by the Diagnostical Statistical Manual(DSM IVTR); utilized by psychological and medical professionals. Some of the terms are common and familiar; others are common diagnosis but not terms non-professionals are used to hearing. 

Dysthymia is a mood disorder characterized by chronic depression that lasts for at least two years, but is not as severe as major depression. Although it does tend to cause some impairment in function of school or work performance, socially or otherwise, it is not as severe as the impairment caused by major depression.
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