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Unwanted Sexual Experiences

What about sexual assault and unwanted experiences?

Each individual has the right to make their own decisions about when,
where and whom they choose to engage in sexual activity with. If this
right is violated, there are resources available to help you. Regardless
of the type of help that you choose to seek, Chabot College is a
supportive and cooperative environment. We are committed to providing
assistance in your time of need.

Sexual Assault Response and Support Services

Sexual Assault Response and support services at Chabot College provide confidential consultation, referral and advocacy to students who have reported sexual assault, and sexual assault awareness and risk reduction education for the college community.

Our mission is twofold: to empower students to disclose sexual assault and access medical and mental health services, and to reduce the occurrence of sexual assault by creating a community intolerant of sexual violence, with expectations of communication and respect between genders.

A Nurse Practitioner for telephone consultation regarding urgent medical problems; and the Mental Health Psychological Counselor/Intern is available to provide crisis and support counseling. Our campus works with local and national organizations who provide direct services, education, and support to victims of sexual assault.

To obtain emergency assistance after hours, please dial the Chabot Campus
Security at 911 or for non emergency (510) 726-6666(on campus direct dial).

Chabot Sexual Assault Information Line

To report a sexual assault or for information about sexual assault, you may
call the area hotline at (510) 727-RAPE

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If you have questions regarding this information please contact ValJen Dale, LMFT, Chabot College Mental Health Clinical Supervisor or call (510) 723-6615.