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Suicidal Thoughts

What are Suicidal Thoughts? 

Suicidal Thoughts usually follow hopeless and helpless feelings.

Keeping up with the demands of academic work and personal life can be overwhelming, however you should remember that suicide is never the answer. As enduring and critical as your problems may seem, keep in mind that troubles come and go. If you or someone you know might be suicidal, please seek help now.

Suicidal thoughts come about when people are in intensely painful emotional states-when it is difficult to think their way clearly out of a situation. They lose hope and see no resolution to their difficulties and the contemplation of suicide may appear to them to be the only way out of their overwhelming pain and frustration. There is no single reason why a person may experience suicidal thoughts, because in most cases there are many factor combined together that have brought the person to that point. A suicidal crisis is unique to each person.

Suicidal thinking does not automatically mean a person will definitely harm themselves-however, it is a definite sign and indicator that they need "help" and assistance as soon as possible.

Without a helpful intervention,

"suicidal thinking" which is (vague to organized thinking about suicide, 
                               without a plan or actions) 

       may further lead to…. 

 "suicidal gestures" that causes emotions to potentially spiral down deeper to

  "suicidal attempts" which is (dangerous or potentially lethal actions with the
                                 intention to die)

        And…. ultimately the person may self-inflict harm causing their own death.

While most people are undecided about whether they really wish to die; what people want most is to "stop the pain" they are feeling. As their level of emotionality rises, their coping ability diminishes. Therefore, every suicidal thought must be taken seriously and any attempt at suicide can end in death. This is why the timeliness of support and professional help is critical.

If you, or someone you know has been having suicidal thoughts-contact a mental health professional or your physician immediately. If you are on campus, drop by the Student Health Center and a mental health counselor will be more than happy to meet with you. You are not alone--

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