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Welcome to WRAC ONLINE!
The WRAC Center Online offers free instructional resources to help with your reading and writing assignments.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from on-campus and off, WRAC ONLINE offers handouts you can print out or view online.

Essay Writing - Types of Essays and Student Samples
The essays included here have been selected by Chabot instructors as models of good writing in various genres.  Included is instructor feedback on each assignment.

IMPORTANT: These essays are writing models only. The language and ideas belong to the original writers and may not be copied.

Summary | Response | Critique | Argument | Report | Research | Business Writing

For Reading
Effective Reading
Active Reading

For Writing
Steps in the Writing Process
The Shape of an Essay
Developing Introductions
Useful Transitions
Using Quotes
Micro-Outline Worksheet
Making Your Paper Longer
P.I.E. Paragraphs
Writing a Thesis Statement
The Thesis
Tips for handling in-class essays
Writing Short Responses
Steps in Writing a Summary

For Grammar and Mechanics
Proofreading Tips

For Style Guides
MLA Style
APA Style
Library-Works Cited

Additional Online Resources
For Reading
Critical Reading: 7 Steps
Overview of Reading Strategies - previewing, annotating, summarizing, analyzing etc.
Finding the author's thesis and evaluating evidence
Understanding facts v. interpretation, analysis, and making inferences

For Writing
Techniques for Writing
Literacy Education Online
Hypertext Writer's Guide
Language Tools
Citing Non-traditional Sources
Student Hacks

For Grammar
Fixing Common Errors
Grammar Index
Punctuation Made Simple
Grammar Checklist

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