Dreamers UndocuAlly

Resources for Allies & Educators

The Chabot College Dream Team is an equity work group dedicated to improving services for undocumented students on campus.  We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 2-3:30pm in the El Centro Conference Room (727A).  All are welcome! 

UndocuAlly Training Program for Chabot College Educator Allies

The UndocuAlly Training is a full-day session designed to help educator allies build a shared set of tools, knowledge, and resources so they can best support undocumented students on campus.  The session covers:

  • The importance of language, tone & approach
  • Understanding the undocumented student population & student experience
  • Key terms, laws & policies affecting undocumented students
  • Chabot Privacy Protocol
  • On and off-campus resources
  • Case scenarios
  • Strategies to best support undocumented students

UndocuAlly Training Sessions

Undocumented Student Support Directory

Educator allies who have completed our full training and opt to sign the Chabot College Undocumented Student Support Pledge are displayed here in the Student Support Directory, so that students are able to locate knowledgeable supporters within the campus community.