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Be More Alive: be part of Theater Arts at Chabot College.

Mission Statement/Definition

Theater Arts is dedicated to serving both the students and the community at large by offering a wide range of productions that stimulate and vitalize the audience. We are an essential component in a healthy, comprehensive college where a thriving arts area is evidence of a productive and visionary college.

Theater Arts sizzles with an emphasis on play-making, the making of the whole production, from the script to the ticket sales. We have a unique program in our Emerging Work series, where student original scripts are granted fully mounted productions each term. Some of these new plays have gone on to win awards and successes beyond Chabot. There is no other college nearby that focuses on student original plays like Chabot.

Studies in Theater Arts at Chabot College contribute to student success in four main areas: collaborative learning/team-building; creativity/artistry; critical thinking; and personal responsibility. The Theater program is dedicated to educating the whole student; we emphasize story-telling as a window into the ideas and reflections of the human condition, as well the craft of making good theater.


We produce two "mainstage" shows a year--one of these shows is a contemporary, while the other is more "classical." We often produce musicals in these "mainstage" slots. These shows have professional directors and design teams. Our parallel season is called Emerging Work, and each term we produce two, four-student original plays or projects. These shows are performed during Theater Week at the end of each term. Often these shows are student directed and designed. We often have fund-raising theatrical events throughout the year, including successive comedy nights and/or special student projects.

The Enjoyment of Theater Arts

We encourage participation in all areas of program by both serious theater artists and general education students. All shows and courses are open to all students of Chabot. Many theater courses satisfy general humanities requirements

Professional Connections

All of our adjunct faculty work in the theater profession, and many students have gained employment and/or internships as a result of a teacher/student partnership. Collaborations include Berkeley Repertory Theater, Campo Santo and Word for Word.

American College Theater Festival

Each production at Chabot has the opportunity to enter the American College Theater Festival, a nationwide competition for actors and production teams. Rachel LePell, lead instructor, is the Playwriting Awards Committee Vice Chair of this organization and regularly supports student playwrights around the Western Region of the US. All students have the opportunity to travel to the annual Festival, held regionally.

Ashland Shakespeare Festival Annual Trip

Each year students in theater courses have the opportunity to travel to this internationally recognized theater company and see shows and talk to company members. For a reasonable rate, students and faculty travel together each October.

Other Future Projects

We hope to expand our technical theater offerings in the future, as well as our camera/electronic media connections.


All productions this term are in the Little Theater; a round thrust stage with 180 seats. We also rehearse in 1328, a rehearsal hall, a large empty room, equipped with a floor for marking scenery, a piano, chairs and other rehearsal furniture. It is located in the theater building, behind the performing areas. We also use a Callboard, in the lobby of building 1200, where we post all department notices and activities.

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