About Architecture

About Architecture

The Chabot College Architecture Program is a well-established transfer program that prepares students to transfer into architecture programs at 4-year universities. Students may complete the program by earning an Associate of Arts(AA) or an Associate of Science (AS) degree in Architecture or transfer without a degree. Our program provides upgraded Building Information Modeling (B.I.M) computer labs and drafting studios with state-of-the-art computer drafting software for students to complete . Required courses cover design, drafting, building code, construction materials, interior design, graphics, 3-D modeling, urban design and landscape architecture.

The large majority of architecture courses in the program are transfer courses and the admittance rate to 4-year institutions averages 90% per year. Most of our students transfer to the most prestigious architecture programs in the nation.

We also offer a Certificate of Architecture Technology that is designed to improve the computer skills of current professionals in the field in computer programs such as 2-D and 3-D AutoCAD.  Our design studio  recently just equipped a Laser cutter system for precise models.

As part of the program’s coursework to provide real-world, hands-on and industry-related experiences, students participate in field experiences where they visit local job sites in various stages of development to study design and construction. Sites visited include spaces such as Kennedy Park in Hayward and the renovated Downtown Hayward B Street Corridor on Foothill Avenue. 

Architecture students are also supported socially via the Chabot Architecture Club which organizes visits to architecture programs at 4-year universities and tours of churches and buildings in San Francisco. We will also be visiting several local architecture firms from semester to semester.

Finally, the high quality of our program has enabled our Architecture Program to have opportunities to partner with many organizations and participate in many events. Student work has been displayed at several local galleries where students have also won design competitions. We have also partnered with community-based organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. With the knowledge we have in our program, we have helped the low-income community members afford high-quality, well-designed homes.