Academic Services Team

Dr. Stacy Thompson
Vice President
(510) 723-6626

Cheree Manicki
Executive Administrative Assistant to the Vice President
(510) 723-6627 
Supporting Dr. Thompson with calendaring, correspondences, daily tasks and ensure the timely processing of all documents/forms that flow through the Office of Academic Services.

Angela Castellanos
Lead Curriculum and Scheduling Specialist
(510) 723-6630 
Scheduler for the Divisions of Applied Technology & Business, Arts, Media & Communications, Special Programs and Academic Pathways & Student Success.Curriculum reviewer. Class Scheduler Formatter/Editor.

Megan H. Parker
Curriculum and Scheduling Specialist
(510) 723-7501 
Scheduler for the Divisions of Social Sciences, Science and Mathematics, Psychology Counseling, PACE, and Off Campus Classes. Class Schedule Editor, Curriculum reviewer, and College Catalog Formatter/Editor.

Rick Hassler
Curriculum and Scheduling Specialist
(510) 723-6634 
Scheduler for the Divisions of Health, Kinesiology & Athletics, Language Arts and Apprenticeship. Class Schedule Editor and College Catalog Editor.

Lannibeth Calvillo 
Curriculum and Student Learning Outcomes Specialist
(510) 723-7693