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UC Transfer Admission Guarantee

UC TAG Campuses

UC Transfer Admission Guarantee

By preparing for and meeting specific requirements, community college transfer students have an opportunity to secure a guaranteed seat at one of the UC campuses that offer guarantee (UC Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz) through the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

Below is an introductory video from UC Davis about the UC Transfer Admission Guarantee:

UC Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP)

To begin your pathway to the UC, establish your UC Transfer Admission Planner and keep it updated! 


The UC Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP) is your tool to TAG and transfer to UC:

  • UC TAP is an online tool to help students plan and track coursework (completed, in-progress, and planned).
  • The UC TAP is what you submit to apply for a TAG.
  • The UC TAP is what you import into your UC application so you do not have to reenter your coursework from all colleges attended in the application.
  • UC TAP is linked to assist.org so it counts up your UC-transferable units and UC-transferable gpa, which is unavaible in Class-Web.
  • Allows UC transfer admissions representatives and Chabot counselors to provide general and major specific feedback before TAG and/or UC Application periods. (This is a great perk so you can ensure you are submitting the fullest and most accurate records for admission consideration.)
  • Establish and work on your UC TAP at: uctap.universityofcalifornia.edu
  • Use the UC TAP to TAG Presentation as a guide.

What Are the UC Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) Requirements:

  • Each UC campus that offers the TAG has their own TAG requirements so learn about it on the UC TAG Website
  • Some requirements must be met by the time you submit your UC TAP for a TAG while other requirements may be met after the TAG application deadline.
  • Some campuses offer an early review of your academic record, early admission notification, and guidance on major preparation and GE courses.
  • Partner with your Chabot counselor and UC TAG representative to go over the requirements and review your UC TAP before submitting your TAP for TAG. 
  • Be prepared to TAG to one UC TAG campus.

Keep in Mind

  • The TAG application is due approximately one year before your intended transfer term, but course planning to meet requirements and obtain that guarantee begins as early as your first year at Chabot!
  • Meet with the UC representative and/or your Chabot counselor regularly to review your UC TAP and monitor your progress, catch any errors, and set any TAG goals.
  • You can only seek and be approved for a TAG at one UC campus. To keep your options open, remember to apply for the UC TAG campus and additional UC campuses during the regular application cycle (Nov. 1-30).

Important Dates and When to Apply

Term Application Filing Period
Fall 2022 UC TAG September 1, 2021 - September 30, 2021
Fall 2022 November 1, 2021 - November 30, 2021​
Winter/Spring 2022 UC TAG May 1, 2021 - May 31, 2021
Winter/Spring 2022 July 1, 2021 - July 31, 2021

Questions? Contact Transfer Center Counselor/Instructor Frances Fon at ffon@chabotcollege.edu