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Transfer Advising with Universities

University representatives partner with the Transfer Center to meet with students by phone and virtually to provide assistance with transfer planning, application, and transition to the university. Representatives are a great resource for:

  • Reviewing your academic progress
  • Advising you with the admission process and/or transfer admission guarantee programs.
  • Tips for applying to impacted/selective majors
  • Assistance with completing the applications
  • Reviewing your application status after you apply
  • Answering your questions about their campus, majors, student services, financial aid, etc.
  • Connecting you to departments at their campus


Rep Contact Info


CSU REPSUC REPSPrivate/Out-of-State REPS

Make the the most of your time with the representative:

California State University Campuses (CSU)

Ms. Louise Martinez - Pre-Admission Specialist

louise.martinez@csueastbay.edu - 510.885.3818

Please email Louise to schedule your phone appointment. Be ready to provide your W number, preferred phone number and email address.

For questions related to the CSU East Bay application in CalState Apply, please email transferadmission@csueastbay.edu with your CAS ID number (located on the top right of the screen in your CalState Apply account). You can also call the Welcome Center at 510.885.2556.

Wendy Herbert - ADT Advisor Academic Programs & Services - General Education
wendy.herbert@csueastbay.edu - Office: 510-885-2941 or Direct: 510-885-3278

Laurence Gammell - Admissions Counselor (East Bay and Northern California)

lgammell@csuchico.edu - 530.898.4879

Virtual Drop-in Appointment Via Zoom - Monday - Thursday, 4:00 p.m.–5:00 p.m. (excluding holidays). Meet with an Admissions Counselor to see if you are ready to apply! For appointments call Admissions at 530-898-6322.

Chelsea Mooney - Admissions Counselor

  • (707) 336-2140 (Google voice - this is the best number to reach her at until the office is back open) 
  • (707) 826-6215 (voicemail only) 
  • Schedule a phone or zoom appointment with Chelsea at: https://calendly.com/chelseamooney

One-one-one virtual admissions advising is available via Zoom. Schedule appointments at least 48 hours in advance. Sign-Up at Sac State Virtual Advising

Valerie Grace Amoin - SFSU Outreach Specialist - vamoin@sfsu.edu 

  • Wednesday, February 17, 2021, 10am-2pm
  • Thursday, March 18, 2021, 10am-2pm & 4-6pm
  • Monday, April 12, 2021, 10am-2pm
  • To schedule your appointment with SFSU, sign-up here.

Mr. Drew Agbay - Associate Director for Student Outreach and Recruitment

alejandro.agbay@sjsu.edu - 408.924.2124

Pre-Admission Counseling - Student Outreach and Recruitment
  •  Virtual Front Desk - Via Zoom get the answers to your questions
  • FD Hours: Mon - Fri, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm  - 4:30 pm  

 Schedule a 1:1 Zoom Meeting with an Admissions Counselor

 Admission - General information post application

Financial Aid And Scholarships Office
 Jose Padilla - Enrollment Advisor
Virtual advising appointments are available with prospective and admitted students. Thirty minute sessions available between TWTH, 8-10AM and 3-5PM.   ​Register HERE


University of California Campuses (UC)

Ms. Christina Tinsley - CCTC/TAP Assistant Director 

ctinsley@berkeley.edu - 510.529.9658

Phone and video conference available using Zoom. You can opt for whichever works best for you. To make an appointment with Christina, follow this link:   

Ms. Kaitlyn Flannery - Assistant Director

kaitlynflannery@berkeley.edu - Territory Coverage: California - Alameda County


Check out DISCOVER UC BERKELEY for schedule of virtual events.


For anything UC Davis TAG, please contact Sarah Fales - smfales@ucdavis.edu - UC Davis TAG Representative

For all other questions related to UC admission requirements, UC application, etc., please contact Melanie David - mdavid@ucdavis.edu - Assistant Director, Bay Area Region

Ms. Norma Peniche - Regional Admissions Officer -npeniche@uci.edu - 949.358.4888 (

Bianca Leon -  bestrell@uci.edu 

  • Contact Ms. Leon if you just seeking a UC TAP review for UCI TAG

Virtual appointments with a UCI Transfer Counselor of the Day is available at: https://apply.admissions.uci.edu/portal/transfervirtualexperience

Ms. Erika Perez - Assistant Director, Transfer Recruitment

310.825.6963 - eperez@admission.ucla.edu

Prospective and admitted students can still call the admission office for any inquiries. 
(310) 825-3101 - Monday - Friday, 1-4pm
Visit UCLA TRANSFER EVENTS for schedule of open houses, webinars, and more!

Ms. Sheila Xiong - Admissions Transfer Advisor

sxiong24@ucmerced.edu - 209.201.5583

To schedule an appointment to speak with Sheila follow this link: https://calendly.com/sxiong24

You will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding admissions requirements, learn more about the UC application process, hear about opportunities to get involved in research, campus life, and much more at UC Merced.

Ms. Maria Salazar- Transfer Admissions Counselor - maria.salazar@ucr.edu

For any questions and/or to schedule a zoom meeting with Maria, please email her at maria.salazar@ucr.edu

For more information in admissions please visit: https://admissions.ucr.edu/transfer

Mr. Koree Cox - Admissions Officer - k3cox@ucsd.edu 

Virtual Admissions Advising - Sign up for a one-on-one virtual session with an Admissions Officer.

Virtual Admissions Presentations are held regularly at 10am and 2pm. View details and register at: UCSD Admissions Presentation

Ms. Adra Bowman - Transfer Admissions Counselor - adra.bowman@sa.ucsb.edu 

Students can schedule one-on-one's with Adra up to two weeks in advance, Monday through Friday. Please have your W number ready to schedule. Schedule with Adra here.

UCSB is offering a variety of online appointments, webinars, and text chats with admissions counselors and current UCSB transfer students. Details and registration for the webinars and virtual appointments can be found at this link: http://admissions.sa.ucsb.edu/connect/webinars

View virtual transfer events at: https://admissions.sa.ucsb.edu/virtual-admissions-events

Ms. Ambrosia Shapario - Transfer Preparation Program Outreach Representative

amashapi@ucsc.edu - 510.612.9952

  • Phone and video conference avaliable using Google Hangouts Meet. You can opt for whichever works best for you.
  • To book an appointment with Ambrosia follow this link: https://transfer2ucsc.youcanbook.me/
  • Remember to indicate interest in UCSC Transfer Preparation Program in your UC TAP!


Private, Independent, Out-of-State


Mr. Chester Henderson - Northern California Transfer Admissions Representative


 Schedule 15 or 30 minute phone or Zoom appointments HERE.

 Mr. Alan César Álvarez Orozco - International Recruiting and Events Coordinator 

alan.alvarez@menlo.edu - 650.543.3930

Ms. April Sanders - Transfer Admissions Counselor

apsanders@mills.edu - 510.542.9902

Adriana Detrinidad - Field Representative

Ms. Josie Bañez - Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions

jbanez2@usfca.edu - 415.422.3877

Virtual information sessions are offered Monday through Friday at 1:30 P.M. Pacific Time throughout the academic year. Register for Virtual information sessions at: https://apply.usfca.edu/portal/virtual-sessions

Maureen H. Laird - Assistant Director for Transfer

mlaird@pacific.edu - Direct: 209.946.2794

I am available for phone appointments, but prefer video conference where I am able to share my screen so that I can go over transcripts, articulation tools and Student Ed Plans.  The appointments would be 30 minutes in duration; similar to what would be offered during a regular campus visit. My Zoom link is: https://pacific.zoom.us/my/maureenlaird


View UOP schedule of virtual sessions specifically for community college transfer students!


RACC stands for the Regional Admissions Counselors of California. RACC representatives live in California and assist students in considering out-of-state university options.

When you aren't sure where to start, see if we have a RACC rep.!



Make the most of your time with the transfer representative!

For Phone Appointments

  • Please email your transfer representative a copy of your grades from all colleges attended at least two days before your appointment. That way, they have time to review it and your time with them is mutually beneficial. (UC-bound students can have the UC Transfer Admission Planner filled out in lieu of providing transcripts. The UC TAP is at uctap.universityofcalifornia.edu)
    • To access unofficial Chabot transcripts, visit: https://www.chabotcollege.edu/admissions/transcripts/unofficial-transcripts.php
    • Please google how to convert the Class Web view of your unofficial transcript into PDF and email it to your representative as that is abit more legible than emailing screenshots. Most web browsers let you print the webpage to save as a pdf file that you can email as an attachment. 

For Google Hangouts

Questions? Contact the CTC at (510) 723-6720 or visit us in Room 761, Building 700.