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Entrepreneurship Courses

Our program includes five specific Entrepreneurship classes:  Introduction to Entrepreneurship, The Entrepreneurial Mindset, Marketing for Entrepreneurs, The Business Plan, and Business Incubation and Launch.  We also strongly encourage students to take courses in accounting, Business Communications, and Business Law.  In these courses, you'll learn the skills and explore the attributes of successful entrepreneurs, understand how to identify and evaluate new business opportunities, develop the important financial and marketing skills needed to succeed as a new business, and create a professional business plan to guide your business startup and help you to secure funding.

Other classes offered at Chabot may also help you to succeed in Business.  See a list of other options here.

All of our Entrepreneurship classes are offered online or as hybrid online classes (some required on-campus sessions, supplemented with online activities) to fit your busy schedules.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship:  ENTR-1

Introduction to the key concepts and skill requirements for new business creation.  Evaluation of personal entrepreneurship skills.  Emphasis on identifying business opportunities, securing funding, and planning for new venture start-up.  Offered on campus during the day, as an evening hybrid online course, and fully online.  Detailed Course Outline here:  Word or PDF

The Entrepreneurial Mindset:  ENTR-5

A study of social and business entrepreneurs throughout history and around the world. An exploration of the traits that enable entrepreneurs to thrive in vastly different cultures and eras, and the important contributions made by these innovators.  Offered fully online at present time.  Detailed Course Outline here:  Word or PDF

Marketing for Entrepreneurs:  ENTR-20

Marketing strategy and techniques for start-up and small businesses.  Focus on low-cost, flexible, innovative marketing tools.  Offered both on campus and online.  Detailed Course Outline here:  Word or PDF

The Business Plan:  ENTR-30

Development and presentation of a “ready to take to the bank for funding”, realistic, and ready to implement business plan.  Business plan components will include a business concept, industry and market analysis, a marketing and organizational plan, operations plan, funding plan, and financial projections.  Offered as a hybrid online class once each academic year.  Prerequisite:  Entrepreneurship 1.  Detailed Course Outline here:  Word or PDF

Business Incubation and Launch:  ENTR-40

The transition from a business plan to successful business launch. Key emphasis areas are development of plans for legal structure, accounting, financing/funding and implementation, as well as contingency planning.  Prerequisite:  Entrepreneurship 1 or 30.   Detailed Course Outline here:  Word or PDF

Developing a Business Plan.  BUS-50F

Research, analysis and outlining logical and persuasive business plans, including market and competitive analysis, financial plans, management and operational plans, and plan outlines and executive summaries.  This 1-unit course develops a brief business plan outline, vs. the full business plan developed in ENTR-30.  Offered online only at least once each academic year.  Detailed Course Outline here:  Word or PDF

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