Promise Program FAQ

Students attending Chabot College as their first institution of higher education, enrolled full-time (12 units or more) and meeting the program requirements will be guaranteed no enrollment fees for the First Year (Fall 2023 and Spring 2024) via the Chabot Promise.

See below for Frequently Asked Questions.

  • The Chabot Promise does not replace the CCPG. Chabot will award the Chabot Promise funds only to first time, full-time students who do not qualify naturally for a CCPG and who also meet the other requirements. All Chabot Promise recipients must complete a FAFSA or Dream Act Application and thus allow the college to make the determination of eligibility for the CCPG and other need based financial aid first.
  • Whether the student’s enrollment fees are waived with the CCPG, or paid by the Chabot Promise, the goal is for a First Time, Full Time student with CA residency to not have to pay the $46/unit enrollment fees.
  • The actual provisions of the program have not been fully described in media coverage. The law allows colleges to decide what is best for their students, whether that is to cover fees for first time, full-time students in their first and/or second years or make use of program funding in other ways that meet the goals of the legislation.
  • Each district and each college may implement the California College Promise in different ways. In addition, these funds may be used to tie-in or to expand existing local promise programs. Here are just some other possible uses:
    • Pay enrollment fees for First Time, Full Time students who meet college requirements
    • Staffing and academic/student support services to provide interventions and encourage outcomes.
    • Other uses that support the goals of the legislation
Chabot is not able to offer a second year of the Chabot Promise, based on current available funding.
Chabot will place an extension for any student with FAFSA or CADAA on file, as we will not know which students will have 12 units, or complete their SSSP requirements until closer to start of Fall semester.
Students apply for the Chabot Promise by completing a FAFSA or CADAA, but the school must receive the application by July 1st, and the student must complete other requirements of enrollment, including SSSP components to be considered.
Application must be received by the school by August 1st, 2023 to be considered for the Chabot Promise.
 No, student must apply using the FAFSA or CADAA.
  • In general, no.
  • FAFSA/CADAA must provide basic minimum responses and signatures, in order to determine an official EFC to calculate award of either CCPG or the Chabot Promise.
No, however award will only be considered upon enrollment in 12 units
Award will be considered upon actual enrollment in 12 units.
There are no GPA requirements coming into the program.  Students must successfully complete their first semester with 12 units to receive the second semester.
Yes, any program of study that Chabot offers will qualify for the Chabot Promise.

Reach out to our office. We will continue to update this FAQ as questions arise or scenarios present themselves. 

Yes, must complete a minimum of 12 units in their first semester to be considered for second semester award. 
  • They will not have to repay for term in which they dropped units.
  • They will not receive the Chabot Promise the 2nd semester, and will have to pay out of pocket.

Yes, a student who attended college for the first time in the immediate prior summer term will be considered for award in the Fall.

A student who entered college with college credits earned while in high school (concurrent enrollment) will be considered for award.

If student is admitted to Chabot, is obtaining degree from Chabot, and submits a FAFSA or Dream App to Chabot, then we will consider all 12 units enrolled in the District to calculate Full-Time enrollment.
If student is admitted to Chabot, is obtaining degree from Chabot, is enrolled at least 6 units at Chabot and submits a FAFSA or Dream App to Chabot by deadline, then we will consider an additional 6 or more units from the other college with a Consortium Agreement calculate Full-Time enrollment.
  • A DSPS student may be awarded the Chabot Promise at less than 12 units on a case by case basis.
  • With the exception of DSPS students on a case by case basis, the Chabot Promise payment requires enrollment of 12 units in any term.