Executive Officers

Executive Officers are required to attend all Student Senate meetings and maintain a minimum of seven hours per week in direct pursuance of Student Senate business. 


The role of the President is to act as the Chief Executive Officer of the Student Senate. The President must take action on and enforce all policies and legislation adopted by the Senate. They are the official representative of the Student Senate at several college-wide committees and serve as the chairperson to Student Senate meetings. 

  • Ashanti Robinson


The Vice President is the Student Senate Chief of Staff. The duties of the Vice President include: working closely with the President, assigning members of the Senate to various committees to ensure student representation, introducing new senate members to Student Senate policies and maintaining records of senate member attendance at Senate meetings. 

  • Joan Cortez


The Finance Director serves as the Chief Financial Officer for the Senate. They are responsible for administering the financial affairs of the Student Senate in accordance with the Student Senate Financial Code. 

  • Stacy Harris


The Communications Director maintains a record of all legislation approved by the Senate, and prepares the agenda for Senate meetings. The Communications Director is also the official representative of the Student Senate in matters dealing with the Press. 

  • Mworia Lilian


The Inter-Club Council Chair (ICC Chair) is the liaison between the Clubs and the Student Senate. The duties of the ICC Chair include: conducting and presiding over regularly scheduled meetings of the ICC, assisting in the formation of new clubs, maintaining a roster of all ICC represented organizations, and maintaining financial records pertaining to the ICC. 

  • La'Roy Fitch


The Events Coordinator must plan and organize Student Senate events, and keep a calendar of these events. They must work closely with several other Student Senate Executives as well as student clubs in order to ensure all aspects of event planning are taken care of.

  • Theresa Pedrosa


The Legislative Director is responsible for drafting resolutions and documents of legislative matters for the Student Senate. The Legislative Director must be knowledgeable in laws and regulations pertaining to Student Senate Governance as well as external politics. They also serve as the Student Senate representative for the Student Senate of Community Colleges of California (SSCCC). 



The Secretary is the official record keeper of the Student Senate of Chabot College.  The Secretary is responsible for written inter- and intra-office communication and ensures that the Student Senate complies with the Ralph M. Brown Act.

  • Staphenie Naicker




The Student Trustee serves as the voice of Chabot students on the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Board of Trustees. This is the elected governance body that oversees the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District. 

  • Valaria Gavino Pena


Student Represenatives are required to attend all Student Senate meetings and maintain a minimum of five hours per week in direct pursuance of Student Senate business. 
Student Representatives are appointed into the Student Senate by the Executive Council.

  • Navin Bansal
  • Ranjit Cheema
  • Chunyan Lin
  • Patricia Miller
  • Alejandro Schimmels
  • Rafi Skandari
  • Salimah Shabazz "Ms. Mak"
  • Yinglin Yu


  • Dr. Matthew Kritscher, Vice President of Student Services
  • Arnold Paguio, Director of Student Life