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Institutional Research

Student Success and Outcomes

  Definitions of success, persistence, and transfer rates

Quick Links

Success and Completion Outcomes at a Glance

Institutional Effectiveness Indicators

Chabot's Peer Colleges


Overall Success and Outcomes

Success Rates

Persistence Rates from Fall to Spring

Degrees and Certificates

Degree and Certificate Graduate Survey:
     Time to award, Work and Transfer Plans, College-wide Learning Goals

Transfer to Four-Year Universities and Colleges

Wages of Graduates


Programs and Interventions that Increase Success at Chabot

Summary of Research 1999-2013

Student Services Programs that Work

Special Programs and Learning Communities that Work

Academic Support Programs that Work

Academic Programs, Courses, and Interventions that Work

Student Characteristics and Behaviors that Work


Student Equity Research


Enrollment Management Research

Bottlenecks for Degree and Transfer Students

Repeaters: Success Rates and Percentage of Course Seats


Basic Skills Research

Overview of Basic Skills Research at Chabot

Repeaters: Success Rates and Percentage of Course Seats

Success in General Education Courses by Highest Successful English course

For English Subdivision in Spring 12: Research on English 101A, 101B, and 102

Learning Connection Research

New Student Cohorts: Success & Completion after 1 semester, 2 years, and 4 years, and 6 years

Success in College English after 1 semester, 2 years, and 4 years

Success in College Math after 1 semester, 2 years, and 4 years

Transfer Directed (12 units & Attempted College English OR College Math)

Transfer Ready (56 transferable units & Success in College English AND College Math)

Accountability Reporting for the Community Colleges (ARCC)

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