Whether you are aiming for a degree in music, or wanting to develop your skills to work in the music industry, or just further your understanding and appreciation of the musical arts, the Chabot College Music Department offers courses to serve your every interest and need. The faculty is comprised of accomplished performers, academics, composers, recording engineers, producers, and authors, who offer their students exceptional instruction in one or more of our 50 courses in music literature, applied music, recording and technology and performance ensembles.
To aid in the positive development of the whole person the music faculty and curriculum pursue the following goals:
  1. To provide an environment in which performance, composition, musical literacy and technology are integrated. The synthesis of these elements will prepare the student for a musical career as a performer, writer, teacher, producer, engineer, or business person.
  2. To offer a coherent musical education curriculum that provides knowledge and understanding of all musical forms and styles. Students should be able to recognize the importance of music to their society and enable them to have a more informed worldview.
  3. To recognize music as a multi-cultural and multi-national Art which fosters, through its performance, a respect for the diversity of all peoples, beliefs, and expressions.
  4. To help students to see education as a learning process which permits one to see and think clearly and that this process is of greater importance than the transfer of information from teacher to student.​


 Upcoming Events

Fall Wind Symphony                 

 Wednesday, Oct 2 at 7:30 PM             Performing Arts Center


Fall Wind Ensemble                       Thursday, Oct 7 at 7:00 PM       Performing Arts Center


Jazz Combo Concert                     Thursday, Oct 10 at 6:30 & 8:00 PM Recital Hall


Jazz Band Concert

 Thursday, Oct 17 at 7:30 PM       

 Performing Arts Center


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Timothy Harris
Director of Instrumental Studies
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Jon Palacio
Director of Jazz Studies
Building 1100, room 1109

Ken Rawdon
Director of Choral Studies
Building 1200, room 1228

Sopernn “Beeh” Keo
Ticketing Services
Building 1100, Room 1124




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