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World Languages Faculty Guidelines

As an instructor of the world languages program at Chabot College, you are asked to follow these guidelines that insure the quality of education provided to students and the curriculum consistency across the content areas taught.

World languages instructors are responsible and accountable for:

  1. Teaching solely using the target language. This criterion is essential in maintaining an immersion instruction format.
    • Other programs (Sign Language and ESL) adhere to teaching solely with the target language.
    • This teaching method is proven successful when started from the beginning of the semester. Recently, another article highlighted the benefits of such pedagogical approach stating that “Research has shown that in the long run, immersion programs...provide cognitive benefits, including more flexible, creative thinking.” (Time Magazine, 11/23/2009).
    • As no English is used during class instruction, one notices that students are more attentive to instructors, are focused on the tasks at hand, and respond favorably as the semester goes on. Instructors are also developing new strategies to share meaningful communication (paraphrasing in the target language, body language, humor, etc.).
    • For further information or to come observe a class taught entirely in the target language, do not hesitate to contact a full-time faculty.
    • Sample anonymous student’s comment: “Speaking only French has helped me because when she does that, I have no choice but to pay attention to fully understand what is going on in class.” (French 1A student, Fall 2009)
  1. Following course outlines approved by the curriculum committee to complete the set curriculum. This includes completion of the assigned chapters, assessments (Homework and lab assignments, oral presentations, compositions, and exams), lab requirements (assignments, 10% lab attendance and participation). Failure to complete the lab requirements (assignments and/or on-campus attendance) results in a zero credit (F). 
  1. Following contract expectations. This includes teaching the full length of the contact hour as described in the course catalogue, attending the lab assigned hours, etc. 
  1. Every semester and for each course taught, please submit to the world languages Lab:
    • a syllabus
    • a handout with the lab weekly assignments
    • a handout with the Quia / iLrn login instructions (if using such support)

We offer opportunities for study and practice not only in our classrooms, but also in the Learning Connection, which includes the Language Center for traditional and computerized study, the World Languages Discussion Room for a variety of independent and collaborative pursuits among students (such as small conversation groups and study groups), and PATH (Tutorial Services) for one-on-one and small group, directed consultations.